Kikimora and Satyros Competition Results

It’s been two weeks to the day so it sounds like it’s time to get these results out. There was 8 stories and 3 art submissions in the end and here they are, starting with the art:

That's just the title he gave me
gfgfgghgrtrtyty by A.D.I.D.A.S
Satyr by Axem
The Gloom Lifts by Ehrrr

And the story submissions:

AceTheWritefag –
C Nile Skeleton –
JadedWidower –
Losenis –
Moongrim –
Pundalin –
Tachaerus –
YearoftheAwoo –

Judging for both categories was done by 4 judges (Myself, Bob, TwoHeavens and AnonMD)  and the results are as follows:


Placing was done by a round table discussion from all four judges until a unanimous decision was reached.

1st place – Ehrr
2nd place – Axem
3rd place – A.D.I.D.A.S


Scoring for written submissions was done through four categories: Technical, Tone, Plot and Characters each given a score out of 5, which were then added for a total score out of 20 for each judge. Final scores were the average of all judges scores for the piece.

1st place – Lose (15 points)
2nd  place– YearoftheAwoo (13.33 points)
3rd  place– Tachaerus – 13 points)

AcetheWriteFag (12.67 points)
Pundalin (12.33 points)
JadedWidower (11.67 points)
Moongrim (5.33 points)
C Nile Skeleton (3.33 points)

Please don’t hesitate to contact the judges for further feedback and a breakdown of the scores from any of the judges.

I will be contacting the winners shortly to get their prizes out to them.

Most of all, I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the competition, writers, artists and judges alike. It started as a drunken plan one evening but I’ve really enjoyed this competition. It was my first time running anything like this so sorry if things were not as organised as they possibly could be. I’ll try to do better in the next one I intend to run in a few months from now!

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