Australia Day Competition Results!

It is results time my dudes. Slightly delayed, but that’s life. It wouldn’t be one of my competitions if there wasn’t some delay along the line, but we’re here now and that’s what matters.

Here’s out lineup:

Zera – Spirits and Stingers
Vahjongo – Kanga
Deecomputer – Emerald of the Rainbow God
Laaren – Huntsman Arachne
Choruss – Dropping in for a Drink
LDR – Welcome to Aus

Judging was done by four judges this time; RSerenity, Sukiru, AnonMD and myself. The standard scoring system was used, submissions were ranked 1-6 with the lower score being better.


1st – LDR (4 points)
2nd – Laaren (10 points)
3rd – Deecomputer (12 points)

4th – Vahjongo
5th – Zera
6th – Choruss

All judges will provide feedback to entrants for their submissions upon request, please don’t hesitate to message us for it.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Huge thanks to everyone that entered this time around as always. Some new names in here this time too, which is always exciting to see for me. I had a blast reading all of them.

At the time of writing I have been awake for 26 and a half hours and I am very very tired, but it’s worth it for this. Seriously I really enjoy running these competitions and I’m eternally grateful that whenever I manage to shit out an idea for one of these people come along to join.

Next competition should be starting around the start of April so you all can look forward to that one too.

Catch you all then!

i’m so tired but i don’t get to sleep yet
maybe in like another 6 hours or so

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