Angels Competition Results!

It is results time people, and once again I’d like to thank everyone who entered this time. With fourteen entrants into the competition, not only is this the single most amount of entrants we’ve had in one competition by far, but it’s also more than the last two competitions put together.

First, the lineup of entrants:

STUGLife – Angelic Pizza:
Choruss – Love baked Muffin:
Deecomputer- Untitled: Download the .rtf file of this entry here!
Eins – To be a Rock and not Roll:
TheGuyWithTHeFace – The Great Biblical Bake Off: Download the .pdf file of this entry here!
Laaren – Heavensent:
Aftyn – Untitled:
Sparkbomber – Outside of New Heaven: Download the .docx file of this entry here!
Astrumratio – A Blessed Curse:
Discreet – Duty: Download the .docx file of this entry here!
LightningFlare – Opportunity Awaits:
PortBaron – Untitled: Download the .docx file of this story here!
.less – Vantage:
Breakaway Republic & Noizyboy – Flechas Dulche:

Judging was done by four judges this time; EyePop, Sukiru, RSerenity and myself. Like the previous two competitions, entries were scored one a point system which this time was 1-14, with a lower score being better.


1st Place – PortBaron (16 points)
2nd Place – TheGuyWithTheFace (19 points)
3rd Place – Laaren (19 points)

4th Place – Eins
5th Place – BreakawayRepublic & NoizyBoy
6th Place – LightningFlare
7th Place – .less
8th Place – Aftyn
9th Place – Discreet
10th Place – Deecomputer
11th Place – Choruss
12th Place – Astrumratio
13th Place – Sparkbomber
14th Place – STUGLife

This time again we ended up with a tie in the top 3, which was broken by which entry had more higher ranks and got us the results we see here.

All judges will provide feedback to the entrants on request and I know that EyePop and RSerenity have both written quite an amount of feedback for all.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Huge thank you to everyone that entered, judged, read the stories and everyone that was patient with the minor delays we had towards the end here. This was a massive turn out for one of these competitions with some quite hefty entrants but I had a blast reading everyone’s stories, so really thank you all.

Also as I was asked to do more contests at one point consider this the two week warning for the next competition. I’m going to try and shoot for a comp every 2nd or 3rd month until I’m too broke to keep this up. 

And as always, if you have any questions, or suggestions for the competitions do not hesitate to hit me up on the site or on discord!

next comp will be something do do with bugs
perhaps both figurative and literal?

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