Monster Girl Media Collection

Monster Girl Manga/Anime/LNs/games to enjoy and discuss – Restructuring for this site in progress.

A brief list in only alphabetical order, if you want to add something then add it in the comments below, and maybe it’ll make it in whenever I update this list. This isn’t so much a “this has been updated and up to chapter x” kinda thing, more just a (hopefully growing) list of Monster Girl related works to enjoy and discuss. What “counts” is largely arbitary, a good rule of thumb is “If it’s not in the MGE*, and said MG isn’t a main character, then it probably doesn’t count”. If you don’t like a decision made, then just complain I guess? Won’t guarantee I’ll give 2 fucks though. Also: on the relative “quality” of the entries. To be honest it’s not a factor, because it’s subjective; I’d rather have a broad list than a “elitist” one, so even if it’s shit, it’s up in case someone enjoys it. There’s plenty of good stuff on it anyways. On that note, as mentioned in the header, I’ve restructured the list based on feedback that people thought the list was so broad as to not be useful anymore. Fair enough. So I’ve split the manga/anime section into the 3 categories below, (the other sections being too small to be concerned about at the current time), where things currently are, is not representative of any final decisions. Work in progress y’all. Also: suggest more stuff, it’ll be added.

*It, however, does NOT have to conform to KC’s design or background.

English name – Japanese name. Or just Japanese if there’s no translated names.

Clearly Related.

Centaur Worries – Centaur no Nayami
Doctor Hitomi’s Infirmary – Hitomi Sensei no Hokenshitsu
Dragon Half
Dog Days (and it’s sequel series Dog Days’, and Dog Days” (Due in January))
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Everyday Monster Girls – Monster Girl no Iru Nichijou/Monster Musume
Franken Fran
Hakairo Devil Princess
Hyper Police
Ibitsu (?)
Imawabi no Dakini
Itadaki! Seieki
Killing Bites
Li’l Spider Girl – Wasurenagumo
Lotte no Omocha!
Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa – (Based on a LN series.)
Muromi on the shore – Namiuchigawa no Muromi-san
Natsu no Arashi
Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki (So cute-Ed.)
Onihime VS
Otome Yōkai Zakuro
Outlaw Star
Princess Resurrection – Kaibutsu Ōjo
Rosario + Vampire
Shinkaigyo no Anko-san
Spice and Wolf
The Truth Is I… – Jitsu wa Watashi wa…
T-Rex no Kanojo

Dubiously Related.

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives – Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (?)
Ancient Magus’ Wife, the – Mahō Tsukai no Yome (A+ manga-Ed.)
Blood Lad (?)
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan – Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (?)
Cat Planet Cuties (Un-BTFO’d because restructuring)
Demon King and Hero – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Dowman Sayman, the manga of: His collection of work features a broad swathe of monstergirls of great design.
Gate: thus the JSDF fought there
GDGD Fairies (?)
Haiyore! Nyaruko-San!
High School DxD
Inu X Boku SS (?)
Is This a Zombie? – Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka?
May Your Soul Rest in Magdala – Magudala de Nemure
Monogatari series of LNs by NisioIsin, and the anime series made by SHAFT.
Outbreak Company
Seikoku no Dragonar
Record of Lodoss War (?)
Rozen Maiden
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tenchi Muyo!
Terra Formas
Yozakura Quartet*

*There is a pretty convoluted “proper” viewing order for this series, as it passed through a few studio’s hands who animated whatever they felt like. There’s been oh, around 3 OVA series if memory serves and 2 full length TV series, the first series is (apparently) shite and should be ignored, whilst everything else never dips below “good” quality wise. I’d add the viewing order here, but I don’t have it handy and it’s not particularly hard to figure out on your own.

Tangentially Related.

Aion of the Green Sea – Hekikai no Aion
American Ghost Jack (Manwha)
Blue Submarine #6
[C] – CONTROL – The Money and Soul of Possibility
Kouya Ni Kemono Doukokusu

Basically, I’ve redone the sorting of the list, it being simply too broad in scope. So I created three categories, and there’ll hopefully not be any more. The names aren’t final, they’re just what seemed to make sense at the time. In long form, the categories would be “Things obviously to do with MGs”, next would be “Things with MGs in it them, but not as a focus”, and finally “Things with at least a passing relevance and are interesting enough to mention”. This is just a first pass to put things in categories, and from here things can be refined, I haven’t put too much thought in to this, so things can be skewiff. Enjoy arguing autistically about where things belong.

Light Novels/Heavy Novels
My Maid is a Formless Entity – Uchi no Meido ha Futeikei – Tassou Shizukawa
The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute’s Marriage – Waltraute-san no Konkatsu Jijou – Kamachi Kazuma
The Metamorphoses of Ovid is chocked full of the original myths many of your waifus arise from, so read it & get some culture.
The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village – Interibirejji no Zashiki Warashi – Kamachi Kazuma

Desire Dungeon
Monmusu H Gratitude! -I’m the Only One for You!!-
Monster Girl Quest – MonMusu Quest!
Sperm! Bukkake Ranch! -Cumbreasted Spirits Raised on Ecchiness- – Seeeki! Bukkake Bokujou! ~Oshiru Ippai, Seirei-tachi o H ni Shiiku!~
st. Monmusu Academy – Sei Monmusu Gakuen
Violated Hero – Okasare Yuusha
Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~

When it comes to doujinshi the format will be focusing on Artists rather than specific works, However the odd major one that is worth individual note can still be suggested and added.

When it comes to porn recs just search “monstergirl” by tag on whatever hentai aggregate you lazy fuckers use.


SlapStickStrike’s Sandworm doujin: – Setting Commentary –
(This is here since I translated it~)

Removed – shitty, arbitary reason.

Cat Planet Cuties – BTFO for having that 4 ear bullshit.

23 thoughts on “Monster Girl Media Collection

    1. These 2 are both Manga and Anime, with Isuca if you don’t want the blotted out areas then you need to look it up for the uncut version. Overlord has just come out and after the first 2 episodes hasn’t been any humans.

  1. Man, how come I hadn’t seen this before? And I notice many good ones are missing. I’ll point them out:


    -Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna (Manwha)

    If Inuyasha had been written by a korean and the one with the dog ears had been Kagome. Seriously, if you’re looking for a cute romantic store between two tsunderes, this is the place to look.

    -Hakoiri Devil Princess

    Like To-Love RU, but with demons and angels (who speak with in Aussie English/Kansai Dialect), with a far smaller harem, much less fanservice and a protag who can actually fight to protect his girl. Seriously, it’s pretty good (and much better than To Love RU IMHO).

    -Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi (has an anime, but I prefer the manga; less censoring).

    Imagine Zero no Tsukaima if Louise had been a dragon and Saito her master. Seriously, it feels like a ZnT reskin, but that doesn’t make it bad by any measure. Or maybe I found it that good because the protag is named Blake? Dunno…

    -Kami Sen

    Yet another fanservice-packed To Love RU, except most of the girls are gods of misfortune and come with cute animal ears. Everything else is the same….

    -Kyou no Cerberus

    This one’s been really slow with the updates so I haven’t been keeping up much with it. Needless to say, the main girl is a Cerberus (no Hellhound, sorry), which translates as a cute doggy girl (Not all have the ears, all have the tail, tho) with a Tri-Polar personality (Ditzy, Kuudere and Tsundere) that are constantly switching a-la Ranma fashion.

    -Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa

    Yet another slow-updating one; so slow I can barely tell what’s the plot about. Still, the main three girls are MGs; a Ghoul (not MGE, sorry) and Nephilim and a Red Dragon (Kudos to this mangaka for choosing some unusual ones).

    -Itoshi no Kana (Hentai-ish)

    Man, how come you didn’t had this one here!? Seriously, if you like ghost girls, this is simply a ”MUST MUST READ!”. It’s also one of the most heartwarming romances I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. It also has enough comedy to give you plenty of epic laughs and enough emotional content to make you cry many times.

    -Yumekui Merry (has anime but DON’T WATCH IT!!)

    Not sure if non-succubi ”Dream Demons” count as MGs, but since there’s also a winged girl and an army of catgirls (literally), I guess it counts. This one has a pretty stout plot (not spoiling you), a great deal of action and the cutest midriff ever bared by a girl (seriously, you’re gonna love Merry’s navel; everybody does…). As for why the anime is so bad is because, well, since 12 episodes weren’t enough to reach the first big fight against an antagonist, they decided to add a wholly new pair of antagonists and by doing so, scrapped 2/3s of the storyline. Such a waste…

    -Tama Hiyori

    Not quite Harpies, not quite Hens. All we know is that they’re ”chicks” and apparently lay eggs. I read this one very long ago, and it was also cursed with slow updates, so I don’t even remember much about it. There’s also catgirl, if mind serves.

    -Youkai Shoujo – Monsuga

    My current favorite. I dare say this is yet one of many mangas whose creators have followed the path Okayado laid for them. It has heavy ecchi like MonMusu, but it’s got an actual serious plot and some pretty heavy combat as well (quite bloody and sinister, but not enough to be horror or gore). As for the girls, I won’t spoiler you, so all I’m gonna say is that they’re all sorts of Youkai, some commonplace, some unusual.

    -Jigokuren – Love in the Hell

    I hate gore, I usually can’t stand the stuff. And while I tolerate more in manga than on anime, there’s rarely any gory title that motivates me to read it. Jigokuren is one of such rare cases. This manga takes place in Hell (literally), and the protag has to endure all sorts of gory painful punishment from the tsundere Oni who is in charge of him to atone for his life’s sin. Needless to say, its gore is highly comical (most of the time) and none of the MGs ever get gored (which is probably why I can stand it). It’s also heavy on comedy; you’ll LOL a lot.

    -AI ga tomaranai!

    From the creator of Love Hina comes this masterpiece of computer humor. The girls in this manga are basically ”Code AIs” who became human, and come with all the comical attributes of that (like fear of ”Bugs” and lack of taste buds). So, for those of us born in the 90s, who still remember the time when a 5¼ Floppy Disk was the best available, and to say you had a Pentium was like saying you had a Ferrari, this will make you LOL a lot.

    Games (and VNs too):

    -Tobihime -Interbreed- (Hentai)

    If Angry Birds was an hentai MG game… No seriously. This one hasn’t been translated to Eng yet, but its since its controls are very intuitive and it has virtually no plot or whatsoever, you can play it untranslated just fine. Also, it might be worth mentioning that it comes with a SHITTON of MGs (Slime, Harpy, Centaur, Carbunkle, Honey Bee, Arachne, Orc, Scylla, Mermaid, Siren, Kraken, Apophis, Bicorn, Succubus, Lilith, Beelzebub, Dryad and Alraune. And no, none of those similar names are palette swaps; they’re all unique MGs.).

    -Utawarerumono (Hentai VN RPG)

    This is yet another title I can’t believe it ain’t here! Although I know well it has an anime (which is having a 2nd season aired right now), I prefer the original VN much more. First of all, it’s got one of the deepest plots you’ll ever see in an H-VN (It’s a linear plot, but that doesn’t make it bad), a real challenging Tactics RPG style Combat System, and perhaps the cutest animal-eared girls you’ll ever EVER see (Touka and Aruruw FTW!!). To me, this is one of the best VNs ever made. If you haven’t played it yet, JUST FUKKEN DO IT!!!

    -Sekien no Inganock (Hentai VN)

    Now here’s a weird one, and I mean, like, real weird. It takes place in a sort Steampunk Post-Apoc earth, where people have began mutating into strange creatures (Some MGs, some furries and some outright monsters). It’s a choice-driven story with unlockable choices and that follows the FATE series style of ”You made the wrong choice one, you’re stuck on a Bad End” when you make a mistake. Still, it’s a very interesting (albeit confusing) read. I’ve never got around finishing it due to the annoying Bad Ends (and that I’m too proud to play it with a Walkthru…).

    -Tears to Tiara (Hentai VN RPG)

    Coming from the same studio as Utawarerumono, we get a real cool story based on a mixture of Arthurian Legends and Celtic Mythology. While the combat system is pretty bland compared to Utaware’s (On the Normal difficulty, you just gotta max your gear, choose whomever chars you like and push the Auto-Combat button and the Speed Up button. The battle will win itself.) it makes up for it with its story, which might seem a tad comically cliche at first, it starts gaining originality and seriousness as it progresses, to the point of making you cry at many scenes. Still, just like Utaware, it’s one of the best VN out there, and it comes with pretty much every kind of Fae you’ll ever heard of. Oh, and it has an anime too, but don’t bother with it; it’s a complete piece o’shit as they remade all the characters’ design and totally butchered up the story.

    -Kamidori Alchemy Meister (Hentai RPG)

    Oh my goodness; this is easily the best MG game ever made! It simply has it all; a large cast of cute and lovely MGs, a likeable main character, a fun yet challenging battle system, three different routes (for each of the main heroines) each with their own plot and end, some of the best H-Scenes I’ve ever seen (mostly vanilla stuff; not much hardcore here), a New Game Plus with extra MGs and places to explore and more replay value that you’ll ever grow tired off. Seriously, this is a 100+ hours game, but only if you wanna do all quests, get all the H-Scenes and special weapons and see all the maps. Each main story alone is roughly 15-20 hours.

    – Cannonball (Hentai VN)

    Imagine Outlaw Star if Gene had been an Italian Mafia kid, Melphina, Aisha and Susuka had been rolled into a single character who’s a Robot Catgirl Assassin and Jim had been female as well as Gene’s Ex GF. This game is focused around space racing (which appears in unusual the shape of timed choices). Still, the thing that makes this game so unique is that it’s filled with a very interesting number of characters who ranges from characters based on Arthurian Legend and real Historical Figures to characters from Clark Ashton Smith’s Deities and from Isaac Asimov’s books. Also, it might be worth mentioning that the entirety of the game’s art is made by the epic Koume Keito (the dude who does the art of the Spice and Wolf manga).

    – Rising Angels: Reborn (VN)

    The 2nd best Western-Made VN ever made (1st place belongs to Katawa Shoujo, but sadly, it ain’t MG, hehe). Imagine an odd blend of Mass Effect and Star Trek, and with lots of MGs into it. This isn’t a silly, fanservice-clad story; this is a serious drama with enough thriller to keep you in the edge of the chair (won’t spoiler you anything else). If you’re interested in playing this VN, you can get it on Steam FOR FUKKEN FREE!! Seriously, had it been paid, I would’ve paid for it; it would had been worth the money. Also, there’s a sequel in the work, no release ETAs yet, sadly.

    -Nekopara Vol.1 (Hentai VN)

    Oh dear, I still remember the massive nerdgasming hard-on I got the say I saw this come on Steam. Sayori’s works have always been a favorite of mine, so the moment I saw that VN on Steam, I could barely believe myself. So bought it and then DL’d the Hentai Version from one my regular sites and copied it onto it. Why I bought the Non-H version if I could get the Hentai one for free, you ask? BECAUSE SAYORI-SENSEI DESERVES MY MONEY!! I’ve been enjoying all her paid works for free all these years, doing this cleansed my sins. Anyway, although this is just a real cute and comical VN about catgirls, it comes with a really expressive art system (the character’s images actually MOVE; not the usual stiff image we’re used to in every VN), which also comes with one of the best inventions ever made on VNs; a Breast Bounce Slider. That’s right, you can choose how bouncy will the girls’ bewbs be! Which goes from ”British Royal Guard” to ”SCREW GRAVITY! FULL GAINAXIN’!”. Also, the second volume will be coming out soon (not sure of when exactly, tho).

    Hope all of these are enjoyable to you guys.

      1. Seriously? Did I seriously said-oh wait, never mind… 😛

        Anyway, I still have a couple more additions to that; I just compiled that list with the ones that came to find first. I’ll probably add more later.

  2. OK, here I am for Round 2. *Boxing Bell’s Sound*

    Games (and VNs too, like before):

    – Virgin Invader (Hentai)

    While 95% of the girl in this game are normal humans, the (Dark) Hero’s servants are all MGs (Succubus, Dark Elt, Catgirl and what I think is meant to be Rachel Alucard’s lost twin). While the sex scenes are plenty and quite enjoyable, this game is the Dark Souls of Hentai Beat-Em-Ups, so prepare to either swallow your pride and use the ”Can’t Die” mode or be ready to die more times than in a King’s Quest game. Seriously (and I’ll be using this word a lot.). It also may be worth mentioning that it’s a good idea to keep an eye on this developer, as he’s planning to do more similar games and he’s clearly good at it.

    -Kurovadis (Hentai)

    Can you spell Megamantroidvania? No? That’s a shame because that’s exactly what this game is. And if you dig pixel porn as much as I do, then you’re in for a game you’ll love.

    -Eroico (Hentai)

    This game was born due to Kyrieru (Kurovadis’s Dev) got exposed to overwhelming overdoses of MGQ, and the result is a game that’s probably the best MG-themed platformer (in english) out there. Seriously, it’s THAT good.

    -MoGi Origins (Hentai)

    Well, this the new kid on the block. Despite still being on DEMO, this exploration-based platformer is as unique as the MGs on it (You know you didn’t misspell the word ”Treesome” when one of the girls is a freaking Oak who’s raping you along with her Myconid friend), and while it’s combat can be tricky (and hard) it’s still a very enjoyable game to play. (If you manage to beat the first boss, plz tell me how you did it…)

    -RePure Aria (Hentai, not fully translated)

    Yet another Megamantroidvania game, this one with more focus on exploration than all of the above and more pointless wandering than Castlevania 2. While its interface has been translated, all of its plot hasn’t, so sometimes, figuring out which way to go or what to do can become a real challenge. Still, it’s got enough MGs to make up for its unfriendliness to anyone who can’t understand it.

    -ROBF (Hentai, Untranslated. There are rumors of an Eng patch but I never found it…)

    Its name stands for Ragnarok Online Battle Fuck, so if you’re like me and grew up playing RO, this game will get your rocks REAL HARD; everything from the Porings to those annoying Hydras, and from bare-breasted Isis to no-pan Moonlight Flower was MG-fied and oversexyfied, and you fight them with your PENIS. Sadly, it’s also untranslated so expect to find yourself even more lost than at RePure Aria. Oh, and be ready to grind XP as much as you did in the actual RO, seriously…

    -ROBF S4U (Hentai, Untranslated and with stupid DRM)

    Well, this is actually the sequel of ROBF, and it’s a very, very good sequel; adds a shitton of new MGs, the girls and sex anims look way better than before (although, besides the Poring and the Drainiliar, you won’t see any of the monsters from the first game), made combat more challenging than just going Hit & Heal and even gave you join-able party members who team up with you. However, the Dev of these games seems to be an Anti-Piracy Zealot who refers to anyone outside of japan as ”Kuso-Gaijin” (lit. Shitty Foreigner. Actual term he loves to use on his blog…), so this time, he set the game with a couple of DRMs that, while easily solved if you know Japanese, are impossible to solve to anyone else; this was his method of stopping us foreigners from having fun with his games, but just like with any DRM, someone found a way around it. (If you’re interested in playing this game, PM me and I’ll send the Walkthru your way).

    -Tokyo Tenma (Hentai, untranslated)

    Basically ”Hentai SMT”; that alone tells you how good it is. And despite the lack of an Eng patch, you can easily playing through it without understanding it. It’s pretty fun and comes with a wide selection of MG-fied SMT monsters. The only annoyance is how grindy it can be…

    -The Ascension! Mononoke Village (Hentai, Untranslated)

    Well, this is a very unusual one I can’t easily describe as I can’t quite compare it to any other title. I could probably describe it as a sort of timed platformer Pokemon game, but that’s not all that there’s to it. So to avoid misunderstandings I’ll leave this link here:

    Also, I’d strongly advice to get the expansion before starting playing it, as not only it adds a whole new map, an Item Shop of sorts, many new MGs and the power to fuse them, but also gives the game a very needed graphical face-lift and irons out many bugs it had.

    And that’s all for now, folks. I’ll probably keep adding more later. And seriously, I’m seriously glad that I seriously stopped overusing the wo-Oh… nevermind….

    1. The commentary is kinda unnecessary and just makes my life harder, but I guess it may well give some people some context.

      Since I’m apparently not sleeping any time soon I’ll look into your recs.

      And I’ll probably seriously rejigger how the porn section works, beeeeecause it’s too much of a hassle really. Feel free to do “the I-masturbated-to-this,-and-so-should-you! Hour with Blake” though,

      Also… The efficacy of suggesting untranslated porn games is kinda… Yeah.

      Whatever. It’s way too early in the morning for me to care about this too much… So keep on enjoying yourself bruh.

      *Edited for brevity and so I don’t get yelled at by Admin-たん for making you cry.

  3. I kinda skipped down to the bottom of the posts, so please forgive me if I mention something that someone already did… And with that said…. How about : ‘Nyarko-san Another Crawling Chaos’ ? KC did do the Shoggoth already… So it would fit in the Anime Monster Girl section in that way, and it even has a ‘trap’ …

  4. Also, I would like to add “Shuffle!” to the dubious list as there are “Demons” and “Gods” races as well as a hybrid and a half human-half “god”? girl in the whole. Yes, maybe very dubious, but, the anime was made as a game adaptation.
    Off topic a bit, but, fun to watch IMO is “Sora no Otoshimono” (Heaven’s Lost Property), as there are winged “Angeloids” as well as the “Angels” and those “Angels” who are, kinda sort of, ‘dreaming’…
    And, my previous post (staring me in the face atm (Jii, Jii …) would also kinda fit into the dubious category (Nyarko-san Another Crawling Chaos).

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