A challenger appears?!

Vulva on the Front Page.
Look at the lengths Moth Chan’s willing to go to!

Moth-Chan sent me this, and look, I’m not going to connect it to Donitor bullying her out of her Girl of the Week status (which is her one joy), but it seems her self-esteem is low at the moment for some reason. But srsly, I drew the rough for this like… 2 months ago. I just got around to finallising most of the line work here, (I just forgot to add her solar-strength blush) but if I’m going to be honest… I ain’t going to bother to translate this rough into a pen sketch, let alone a goddamn digital piece. So just have this and be happy you cretins. (Donitor is not allowed to be happy though, even if he is King Cretin (until he gives Moth-chan back her spot.)) Though. If someone were to line and colour this, they’d be pretty lovely people for doing my work for me~ Anyways. Mothちゃん is love. Mothちゃん is life.

Apparently the image has been loaded horizontally… So just crabe your necks until Adminたん fixes it? Maybe?


Admin: “There I fixed it. Eyepop plz.”

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Thnx Adminたん, 大好き!

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