People say that tending sheep is one of the most humble origins. Heroes often have some simple beginnings, a life of adventuring comes only after living out their childhood on some farm doing this or that. Or at least, it happens often enough in those sort of places where Heroes aren’t bred from birth, like Lescatie once was. No, out here in the countryside, Heroes have simple beginnings, like Shepherds.

Not me, though. No greater calling, no secret royal origin, no hidden destiny awaiting me out in the far world. But you know what? That’s all right. It’s not all about the excitement and the danger, not everyone can be a Hero, otherwise you’d just have Heroes running around fighting things all the time, and that’s certainly no way to be civilized. I find there’s a quiet dignity in the life of a shepherd. Plenty of time to just sit here and think about things.

The sun is bright today, its rays are warm. Its kind of hard to keep my eyes open, they keep drifting downward. Sometimes, if I lean against my crook just right, I can catch a nap or two. Watching the sheep isn’t easy. Wolves aren’t really a problem around here, if they get too close, they just lie down right beside the sheep and doze off. Sometimes the sheep nestle up to them like large stuffed animals, it’s almost cute. It does look really comfortable, though…

I shake my head to try and ward off the sleepiness encroaching me. It doesn’t work. That’s the biggest danger of being a shepherd, I suppose. The constant drowsiness. The sheep are just saturated in a sleeping spell, so a field of them just kind of… puts everything to sleep. They cuddle up to each other, sleeping in big piles under the sun. Sure, there are worse jobs, but sometimes you just want to go and jump into the big pile of white fluff. It looks almost like a cloud, sitting on the big hilltop, soaking up the sun’s rays and looking so inviting. Like you could just sink into it, I bet it would feel wonderful…

I give a loud yawn, which thankfully wakes me up, but not fully. I decide that a walk would do me some good, and I walk around the big cloud on top of the hill. The sun was warm today, and I had to make sure the sheep weren’t overheating. It was easy enough, you just had to be able to spot their breathing patterns, and look for signs of heat stroke. Demons are resilient to heat, so there’s usually no trouble, but sleeping that close can sometimes cause the ones in the middle to get really hot. The signs are usually obvious enough, all you have to do is see if their skin is flushed red and they’re not breathing too fast. It’s easy if you’ve been doing it as long as I have.

I feel a hand grab me, I look down to see a sheep had woken up as I walked around the pile. She grabbed me by the wrist, her eyes half-open and a wide smile on her face. They always looked so friendly, so inviting… I gently removed her hand from my wrist, and lay her back down with a reassuring “Shhhh…” It was sometimes enough to get them to go back to sleep, unfortunately it wasn’t this time.

She pulled me down with her, and I let my crook rest on the ground, kneeling down beside her. My muscles felt heavy, and I suddenly felt very tired. It was the sleep magic, I knew it, so I would just set the sheep back to sleep then get away from the pile to clear my head.

She didn’t let go, I felt my head go a bit foggy, and she kept pulling me down. I told myself I would just lie down for a moment. I’d lie down with her, and she’d drift off to sleep, and I would stay awake to slip away.

She wrapped her arms around me as I lay beside her, “I knew you’d be back.” she whispered dreamily into my ear. Her words sent a dull sort of fire coursing through me, and I moved myself on top of her. Her wool felt soft as down on my skin, inviting me to use her as the best body pillow ever. “Don’t those clothes feel too tight?” she said in her dreamy tone, and I nodded. They did feel too tight. Ah, what the hell, there was no harm in it. I was just going to lay down for a spell anyway, its not like I would be staying long. No harm in it at all.

I was on my knees and I was about to lay on top of the sheep I can come to know as Mella, she had the softest chest of the entire herd, though I wouldn’t have said that out loud in the middle of all of them. She was almost the most lascivious, so I can only imagine that’s why she clung onto me as she did. Anyway, as I knelt there, I suddenly felt something warm and soft drag across my back right before a set of hands appeared behind my waist. A head popped up, resting on my shoulder in a sleepy haze, “Ah, you came back.” another voice said. All around me, the sheep were waking from their slumber. Ah, I should have known, wandering this far into the pile would arouse them with the scent of my spirit.

Normally that’s basic shepherding, never get too close to the pile. I guess I just didn’t think about it, man was I tired. I really should be getting more sleep, but I find that I’m not really that sleepy at night. It’s only around noon time when I’m watching the sheep do I just… doze off. I should probably see a doctor about it, but no harm done.

My clothes are pulled off of me, and I feel myself guided into Mella’s arms. Someone’s hands caress between my legs. The dull, rubbing sensation is soft and pleasant, and does little to chase away the sleepy daze I felt myself in. I felt an odd pressure pushing me forward, but then I realized it was just the weight of my body as I tilted forward and gently fell between the soft, pillowy breasts of Mella. Gentle hands rubbed by back as I did my best to maintain consciousness. It was a dreamy state, nestled against her like that, my hips gently rocking back and forth like ocean waves. Her depths were soft and silky, not overly tight, her inner walls caressed me like gentle kisses.

I was vaguely aware of shapes closing in around me, more hands caressed my skin, though I was lost in the sensation, drifting dreamily on a cloud as I steadily buried my length again and again inside of Mella. She wasn’t loud or sudden, her moans came as whispered affections and her eyes were always half-lidded. She hooked one of her legs around one of mine and rubbed them together affectionately as I churned her insides. I lost track of how long we were there, the pleasure dull, but somehow intense. It almost came as a surprise when I was finally pushed over the edge.

My orgasm pushed my mind as far into consciousness as it was willing to go, I even gained a bit of clarity back with the pleasure surging through me as I filled Mella’s belly with a warmth to match the sun’s rays. Though as soon as the wave passed over me, my muscles felt weaker than they’d ever been, and I collapsed onto the weresheep again. She stroked my hair as I rested my head on her chest, though even more hands stroked more of my body. Dozens of fingers played across my skin, teasing my nerves but somehow also soothing my muscles. Standing around on my feet all day did cramp them something fierce.

I felt myself rolled onto my back, my head coming to rest in the grass that was almost as soft as the woolen embrace that followed. My eyes were only half open, and still only half seeing. It was a wall of fluffy white that enveloped me as the entire cloud pile of sheep moved until I was at the center. Again, I lost track of time as they mounted me one after the other. I felt warm, wet embrace after warm, wet embrace close around my still throbbing cockhead. I wanted to raise my actual head to try and see who and what was lavishing such delicious affections on me, but I found I didn’t have the strength. Every muscle in my body told me to sit back and relax, so I did. It was freeing, just drifting along in a haze of white bliss.

I didn’t know who’s mouth was on my member, or who’s lips I kissed, or who’s breasts found themselves into my hand… the sunny afternoon passed by in a blur, and the sun dipped low with the cooling evening air before I roused myself from my slumber. I had fallen asleep some hours prior, my head resting on Mella again, but with countless of the others forming the most comfortable blanket I’d ever worn. They were all still sleeping, they’d had their dinner. I gathered my crook and walked away from the pile, stretching my muscles.

Okay, so I’m not the world’s greatest shepherd. Some people would frown on me for how close I am to the flock. But I’ll tell you one thing, there’s not a herd in the land that can match my sheep for quality of wool. I like to think its because I keep them happy. One thing’s for sure though:

If anyone wants to trade any of their sheep to go adventuring and be a Hero, let them. I’ll choose the sheep any day.

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