Guitar riffs blared between my ears as I walked down the well-lit hall. With the bass thumping against my eardrums I searched around for anything unusual. The tile didn’t have any kind of pattern I could skip through, nor did the cameras have enough gaps between their range of vision to let me rest. Everything that happened in front of them was recorded. In security, even the monitors were monitored, while the officers monitoring them were given less trust than the machines they used. Technically I wasn’t allowed to listen to music, either. They paid us barely above minimum wage to care about it all, too.

I’ll admit that there are some perks, though.

At the end of the hall I placed a hand over the pad, which promptly shut my hand inside and scanned the palm. That hall was seriously the longest mantrap I’d ever seen. Most were only ten to twenty feet long, but that one was nearly fifty. No doors at all. Made me wonder how important the equipment kept in the facility was. But that was none of my business. My job was to make sure the only people who knew what was inside were authorized to know.

Finally reaching the lobby, I scanned my hand once more and opened the door into the security office. Everyone else on the team had long since left for home. Unfortunately for me, I was swing shift. On any other night it would have been easy to slack off, what with the small window between the lobby and the security office.

“Rounds are done,” I said. “Everything looks fine.”

The only other security team member sat in an office chair. The monitors on the desk reflected in her rectangle glasses frames.

“Thank you, Nathan,” Joan said. Her stern gaze could probably bore a hole in a guy. Unlike the rest of us, who only wore a dress shirt and pants as part of the uniform, she wore a big custom suit with the company colors of red and blue on the lapel. Every team lead got one, really, but she was eight feet tall and had skin as red as roses. I wasn’t exactly short, but she towered over me and everyone else on the team. The most intimidating of us officers ended up with the most desk work, strangely enough.

That night, however, she took off her tie. Usually she dogged everyone on the team to keep their uniforms straight. Her taking it off was one of our little signals. It was all the hint I needed that it was one of “those” nights. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath and sigh. Quietly, of course. If she heard me resent it in any way she’d probably squash me like a bug.

She waved a hand in my direction. “Please, sit down and take a break.”

“Got it.” I went ahead and grabbed a bottle of water from the little fridge in the break area around the corner, which couldn’t be seen from the window to the lobby. Figured I needed to stay hydrated for what I knew was coming next. Part of me almost dreaded it, but another part (mainly my crotch) looked forward to it.

Near the water cooler, I sat in a folding chair and slouched while she messed around with the computer. I never did understand how she did it, but apparently admin privileges let you do some crazy stuff with the cameras, even turn off what were supposed to be 24/7 security cameras.

Soon enough, the desk phone rang through the office.

Joan picked it up and, in perfect steady tone, said, “You have reached TST security. This is Joan. How may I help you?”

She didn’t put it on speaker, but I knew how the usual conversation went. “Hi, Joan, this is HQ. That same camera’s on the fritz again. The one looking into the lobby-side security outpost. Could you document it failing and get someone from facilities to check it out in the morning?”

“They really should fix it this time, shouldn’t they?” Joan said.

“Well, what can you do? Talk to you later.”


The harsh click of the phone and loose wheels of her chair signaled the start of it. Soon enough the clatter of her belt and hollow winds of her clothing hit the floor from around the corner. She was being far too bold this time. If a customer came in they’d see all her junk on the floor and know exactly what’s up.

“Take your headphones out, Nate.”

Startled, I looked up to see her towering over me with a hand planted on the wall above me, her lower lingerie born before me. Black with lace patterns the sides tugged right against her firm skin, redder than my nervous blush.

Joan licked her lips. “I have some stress to work off.”

I set my bottle of water on the floor and stared at her panties. Just standing there, her groin was level with my head. Already far too used to it, I reached out and yanked down on the sides while she stepped toward me and positioned herself. Sure enough, she was already shining down there. With a tuft of pubic hair leading down to it, her nethers were a beautiful pink.

“Come on, hurry up.” She moaned, nearly shoving her moist self in my face. My breath rebounded back to my lips from the proximity to her bush. The smell left my eyes fluttering.

“Yes ma’am.”

While she stood with her legs hardly further apart than normal, I craned my neck upward and tongued her as best I could. Lapping up her juices as they poured from inside her, she let out moans that would have alerted anyone else working in the building if it weren’t nearly midnight. She grasped the hair on the back of my head while I wrapped my arms around her waist from below, letting my hands settle just above her rear.

It was all I could do not to try tackling her to the floor. She made me eat her out at least once every two weeks for several months. While I satisfied her with my “perfect sit-and-lick” height, she never serviced me in return. It was another level of blue-balling. But what could I have done different? She was stronger than me by virtue of being an oni, not to mention my superior.

In time her legs grew rickety while my work echoed slurping sounds around the office. She taught me well, apparently. With final cry she shoved my face into her groin. Her legs trembled and shook everything in the room with their weight.

“Ah, well done, Nathan.” Her cheeks somehow attained a pinkish glow from her orgasm that overpowered her usual red.

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

She looked me over as I wiped my chin. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing. Not like I want something similar or anything.” The frustration was built up already from weeks and weeks. If not for that I never would have said what I did. As soon as the words left my lips I regretted having ever said them. Covering my mouth with the hands I just used to wipe her juices from my chin, I stood up and started toward the front of the office.

“Hold on,” Joan called after me, grasping my arm with an iron grip that stopped me in my tracks. I stopped for her and stood with my back to her.

Then, her hands glided over my shoulders and slid down my front.

“You should have said something sooner, Nathan.” Her fingers gripped around my erection through my pants. Before I could say anything she went to work unbuckling my belt and yanked my zipper open. I wanted to say something, but the prospect of whatever she planned to was too tempting for my blue balls to turn away.

With a push and a pull she spun me around by the shoulders to face her. Even kneeling she had to lean over to read the head of my dick. But oh Lord did she start slow. Cock in hand, she touched the flat of her tongue against the tip. So slowly she lowered her head and let her tongue slide back into her mouth so her lips could envelope my manhood entirely. When she pulled back I could have sworn my dick turned the same shining wet color as her skin.

My breathing by then was already ragged while I tried my best to say something. But the feeling overtook my senses and left me a bumbling mess as my supervisor sucked my cock with the fervor of a high-class prostitute. The glint in her eyes, that little bit of smile, the force of her suction that outclassed any human woman, the way she excitedly went at it with lips and tongue and saliva, all of it drove me over the edge sooner than I ever wanted.

Pulling her head down with my hands I shoved myself all the way down her throat to the hilt. She didn’t even flinch as I came into her stomach. With the methodical slowness only gained with experience, she pulled her head back with her lips sealed around my member. Every last drop of semen that might have gotten on me was lapped up and swallowed with a sly smile.

My legs turned to jelly and I slumped to the floor. Panting, I simply stared at the oni in front of me.

“All you had to do was ask,” she said. I couldn’t say anything. Then she bit her lower lip and crawled over to me. Even on all-fours she towered over my small human body. “Although, now that I’ve gotten a taste of you…” A haughty chuckle filled the office. “I don’t think I’m done with you just yet…”

She paid the hospital bills for my broken bones herself.

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