“Let’s see…locked up, window boarded, key hidden, and boarded over for good measure. That should be enough…” The young man mused to himself, gathering up the small number of tools scattered across his kitchen floor.

He had just finished putting a series of wooden boards over his alcohol cabinet and wine cooler, even after he’d locked both, hidden the keys, and even pinned some cloth over them both. Now he had two series of vertically aligned wooden planks interrupting the flow of his kitchen’s cabinetry. It might have seemed a bit extreme, but he’d been assured that it was for the best. Lucky that he was a fairly handy fellow too.

Just as he’d shut the door of his hallway closet after depositing his tools inside, the ring of his doorbell echoed through the apartment. He quickly moved around to the door, opening it to be greeted by a tall woman in black lounge dress. He couldn’t help but faintly blush as he gave her a once-over. The dress looked stunning, clinging to her curvacious form, the straight hem at her chest low enough to show off plenty of cleavage, while a cut in one side let her show off a toned leg, her arms both equally bare. He suspected that the dress had a rather low-cut back too, and eying her leg, he wasn’t quite sure if the cut went high enough to reveal whether or not she was even wearing panties. The stunning night dress looked all the better contrasted against her fierce red skin, along with her stark white hair, done up into a fashionable bun, with loose bangs parted by a single horn jutting out of her forehead.

Stunning could barely come close to describing the vision of beauty at his door, smiling sweetly, graciously at him as he opened the door. Oh what he wouldn’t give to go out with such a woman.

“Thank you so much for doing this. I didn’t know what to do when our regular cancelled! It’s so hard to find anyone dependable in this city, always more concerned with their own dates after all. But now, I don’t have to cancel mine!”

Sadly, that was not the case, “Oh, it’s no problem at all Beth, really, happy to do it.” Contrasting the Red Oni’s incredibly grateful tone, his own was more restrained, “Where’s your husband taking you tonight?”

“Oh it’s this marvelous little upscale bar, overlooks the whole city!” She raised a surprisingly dainty, if still muscularly sculpted, hand to mouth, stifling a giggle, “It’s actually where he proposed if you can believe it. He’s always been such a romantic. But then he knows they have all my favorites there…” Her red cheeks turned a hint or two redder, a bit of drool coming down the side of her mouth, “I bet he knows just what I’m gonna do to him after just a few…maybe even right there on the table…”

The man standing in the door couldn’t help but blush as he saw the well-dressed housewife’s eyes cloud over, little giggles hinting at lewd thoughts escaping her lips as she began to shift on the spot a bit. Finally, he coughed loudly to try and catch her attention, “Ah, shouldn’t you be getting along to him then? He must be waiting down at your car, right?”

That seemed to snap her out of her own dirty thoughts, her face returning to its normal shade with a quick shake of her head, “A-Ah, of course!” She laughed with embarrassment, being caught in her fantasy, turning around on the spot. This gave him the chance to confirm that yes, her dress was indeed backless for the most part, and hugged her hips wonderfully, framing her ass. Even more so when she bent over, sticking her rear out towards him. It was impossible not to stare. “Now, you be a good girl for Mister Davis, okay?” There was a little smooching sound, before the curvy Oni stood up, and quickly darted away down the hall, “Have a nice night you two!” he was sure she didn’t think they heard the “I know I will” that came after.

And so he was left with his own companion for the night, who had been hiding behind the beauty he’d been chatting with. Maybe not deliberately hiding, but she’d at least felt no need to reveal herself prior to now. While Beth was easily a foot or two taller than him, her daughter Amanda was practically half her size, barely coming up to his chest. The young red oni was dressed predominantly in a light grey hoodie, her hands both depositing in its front pocket. Whatever she was wearing for bottoms were small enough to be obscured by the oversized sweater, leaving most of her slender red legs bare. Her hair was a few shades darker than her mother’s, pulled back into a ponytail, with her bangs similarly parted by a small horn sticking out of her forehead.

She had her head turned to look down the hall after her rapidly disappearing mother, “Gross…” she muttered, a grimace on her face. She turned her head to look up at her babysitter for the evening, her bored, almost disdainful golden eyes staring up into his, “So, gonna let me in Will?” she asked.

Frowning a bit wearily himself, he nodded, shifting to let the little girl walk past him into his apartment. It wasn’t as if they disliked each other. William, for his part, was rather fond of his neighbours. And Amanda didn’t have anything against him either. But after seeing her mother in that stunning outfit, he’d felt the pangs of loneliness from living the single life. For her part, the little oni would argue that she didn’t need a sitter. That, and the thought of what her parents did on their “Date Night” wasn’t exactly something any child liked to contemplate.

Shutting the door as he followed her in, Will saw that she’d already gotten to his kitchen, her face more of a definite frown as she looked over the two boarded up cabinets, “…mom told ya t’ lock up yer booze, didn’t she?” She grumbled out dejectedly. The way she spoke definitely didn’t seem to suit a girl her age, but then, she was a Red Oni.

“Yes, she did. Really, a girl your age shouldn’t be drinking.” He stated, though he was sure she’d have a retort for that opinion.

“…y’don’t really know much ’bout oni, do ya?” Yup, called it.

He raised his arms up in a shrug, chuckling a bit, “Maybe not, but that’s what your mother said to do, so I’m going to trust her opinion on the matter.”

Amanda stuck her little tongue out at him childishly, “Bleh, mom’s fine with me drinkin’…”

“Under her supervision, I should think?”

“Well…yeah…” The little oni pouted, slumping over the kitchen island counter, “So, what’cha got planned to keep me entertained while my mom and dad are out gettin’ plastered?”

Another shrug, “Figured we’d order a pizza, watch a movie, play some games, just hang out, pass the time.” He told her, walking over to the phone on the kitchen wall.

“Oh, a regular date night huuuuh?” The little girl cooed teasingly, grinning widely as she chuckled.

“Uhuh.” Will responded with a roll of his eyes, picking up the phone to start dialing the nearest pizza joint that delivered, “So, what’d you want?”

“Oh, I hear they got somethin’ called a Deli Special, loaded with like six kindsa meat! So I want a large of that! Oh, and a big bottle a sake!” she rose up from the counter, giving her order excitedly.

“Small Deli Special and a can of root beer, gotcha.” It was impossible to contain his smug grin as he watched the little oni slump back down onto the countertop dejectedly.

Shortly after, he’d ordered, and they’d both moved from the kitchen to the living room. William dropped himself down onto the couch, kicking his legs up onto the coffee table as Amanda looked around, her eyes naturally drawn to the entertainment center propped up against one wall. Shelves lined with movies and games surrounded the large TV mounted up on the wall.

“So, what’d’ya wanna watch?” Amanda asked, approaching the shelves upon shelves of movies, her eyes scanning over the titles.

William shrugged from the couch, leaning back into his preferred spot, “Take your pick. Your mom just told me not to let you drink.”

“That so? Heh, how about a porno then?” Amanda’s childish voice again sang with that teasing tone.

“No.” His response was instantaneous in shooting her down.

“Was just a joke man…” the little red monster mumbled, sticking her tiny tongue out at him again as she moved to scan his video game collection, “Oh! How ’bout we play some Street Fighter till the pizza gets here?”

“Sure. Consoles are just in the cubbies under the TV. Controllers are in the drawers under ’em.” He told her, perking his head up after hearing her come to a decision.

Amanda gave a little nod as she pulled the game off the shelf, crouching down on all fours to put the game in and grab the controllers. As she did, her hoodie rose up a bit, coming up over her bottom, revealing that she wasn’t just bare under the sweater. Though what she was wearing for bottoms wasn’t much better. Clinging to her small hips and butt were the smallest, tightest pair of denim short-shorts that Will had ever seen in his life. Just as with her mother before, he found himself starring at the little Oni’s bottom as she wiggled about, fishing out the controllers after slotting the game into the right console.

He was quick to throw his head back when he noticed her standing up, attempting to think about anything else to calm the heat in his face as she walked over, plopping down on the couch beside him.

“Here ya go.” She said, handing him a controller which he took silently.

Managing to put his momentary weird thoughts aside, the two played a few matches in Street Fighter, goading and teasing each other for their wins and losses, great combos and complete failures. Pausing when the doorbell rang, soon they were sitting back down with their pizzas and drinks.

“So, what do you want to watch with dinner?” William asked this time, looking over at Amanda as she went to open her drink.

“I dunno, you already said no porn.” She whined falsely, glancing over at his shelf of films as she started more seriously considering something, “How…about…-!” If she’d thought of a title to say, she never got the chance to. With a loud crack, she attempted to open her can of root beer, only for it to explode, spraying all over the place. The young girl held the open lip of the can away from her, sparing herself from getting soaked. Instead, William found himself sprayed with what he suspected was the entire goddamn can, “Eheh…s-sorry Will…” The tiny oni mumbled apologetically, seeing what she’d wrought.

“It…it’s…it’s fine…” William sighed and groaned, slowly moving to sit up, “You just…stay there…pick something to watch. I’m just…I’m gonna go change.” He grumbled, stalking away to his bathroom down the hall to clean up a bit.

He didn’t want to leave his young charge alone for too long, so he decided to just strip off his soaked clothes, give himself a quick sink-wash, throw on some clean clothes, and get back to dinner. He’d managed to get more-or-less clean, pulling on a fresh pair of pants, when his attention was grabbed by a loud noise. Like a ripping, crashing, tearing kind of noise. He wasn’t sure what it could be, his expression quizzical as he grabbed a shirt, wandering out back to the living room.

“Amanda? Are you okay? I thought I heard somethi-” He stopped in his tracks as he passed through the kitchen, slowly turning his head to look upon the two cabinets he’d earlier boarded up. The boards were now torn off, and lay strewn across the kitchen floor. Both his liquor cabinet and wine cooler lay open, their locks simply destroyed.

“Amanda!” No longer worried, for her safety anyway, he quickly darted all the way to the living room, soon coming upon the little oni girl.

She was sitting innocently on the couch, giggling as she grinned up at her sitter. Of course, her guilt was clear enough. She was clutching a can of chilled sake in her hand, and on the coffee table in front of her were two wine bottles, two six packs of beer, a bottle of Bailey’s and Kahlua, and plenty more. And that was probably just what she could fit in her arms in one go, rather than all she wanted for the evening.

Will crossed his arms, glaring down at his young charge as she giggled sheepishly, “Awww, c’mon Will! I’m built for it! Really! And besides, what guy doesn’t like having a girl alone in his apartment, drunk off her ass, hmm?” She teased, though her voice was edging towards something more than just childish now.

“Sure, when they’re old enough to actually be desirable.” He told her, shaking his head with a sigh.

“Didn’t stop you from staring at my butt when I was puttin’ the game in earlier.” She shot back with a pout, taking a swig from her can.

He was taken aback by that, stumbling a half-step backwards in surprise, “E-Eh? Wait, you…-?!”

She giggled at his surprise, sticking her tongue out at him before taking another drink, gasping with satisfaction as she finished her first drink of the night, “I might just be a little girl, but it wasn’t that hard to figure out. I guess you were tryin’ to hide a blush ‘r somethin’, but you totally forgot to hide the bulge in your pants!” She went on.

He smacked his face with his open palm. Crap, he somehow hadn’t noticed the sight had made him hard earlier. Still, he wasn’t going to admit to anything, or let her go against her mother’s wishes like this, “That was just…just a…natural response. Nothing more.” He tried to explain away.

She actually spit up a bit of the beer she’d opened to sip on next at that, clutching her belly as she roared with laughter, “Oh c’mon! It’s ‘just a natural response’?! How old do you think I am, two?!”

Groaning again, he walked over to the couch, standing on the opposite side of the coffee table, “Alright, here’s the deal. I’ll let you finish that beer, but the rest of this is going back, and that’s it for tonight, got it?” He tried to take the authoritive stance with her.

“Awww c’mon!” The demonic child pouted, shifting up on the couch a bit, “Or, or, hear me out here…we could drink together, hmm? Hmmmmm?” She grabbed one of the beers on the table, offering it up to her sitter, “C’mon, live a little!”

“Amanda. No.” He continued his stern position.

The little girl pouted harder, slumping back into the couch, “Kill joy…” She muttered. One of her legs rose up, her foot coming to the edge of the seat cushion. The action made her leg raise her hoodie up a bit, exposing the crotch of her short-shorts, William’s eyes all-too-naturally shifting to gaze at them. Something which didn’t go unnoticed by the monster child, “Oooooh? See somethin’ ya like hm-hm?” She cooed, smirking as she shifted her other leg, spreading her legs open a bit more.

Hearing her say that, Will caught himself, his cheeks flaring as he looked away from her quickly, “N-No! Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous!”

She giggled at his denial, licking her lips as she finished off her can of beer, “Y’don’t have to be ashamed y’know. The Sabbath practically broadcasts kiddie porn on TV with their ‘recruitment ads’.” He’d caught glimpses of those. She wasn’t wrong. She shifted to sit up, letting her legs drop back down to the floor, her hands going to peel off her hoodie. She exposed that underneath she was wearing a tiny, loose black camisole tube top. She again offered him out the beer, patting the spot next to her on the couch, “C’mon, live a little! Mom doesn’t have to know.”

He eyed her for a moment longer, before with a sigh, he reached out to take the beer, moving around the couch to slump down on his spot with a sigh. Amanda was grinning bright with childish delight the entire time, “There ya go!” She giggled, grabbing another can for herself.

For a while, the two sat in silence, eating their pizza and enjoying their drinks. Well, Amanda was clearly enjoying having access to William’s alcohol. He himself was more somber, taking the occasional sip as he watched her feast. Eventually though, she seemed to catch on to his less-than-enthused mood. Taking a long chug of some high-quality sake she’d retrieved, she held it in her mouth as she suddenly straddled the older man’s legs.

“Amanda? What’re yo-” He was abruptly silenced as the little oni arched up, grabbing his head with a surprisingly powerful grab, forcing her lips against his.

His eyes went wide as she force-fed him the gulp of sake she’d taken, the drink flowing down his throat just so he could barely breath. She didn’t stop there though. Even after the sake had been drained from both their mouths, she continued to hold his lips to hers, kissing him deeply. Or at least, she tried to. Monster or not, she was still young and lacking in any sort of experience, and it showed in her attempt at kissing him, her tongue meekly wiggling about against his lips. At some point, he threw out the reasoning he’d been clinging to, and decided to just go with things.

Now it was the little oni’s turn for her eyes to go wide as Will suddenly began to return the kiss, his larger tongue rubbing against hers, invading her small mouth. She let out a muffled squeak of surprise, her small hips beginning to rub against a growing bulge she felt rising underneath her. He groaned with pain as he felt the tiny girl’s powerful arms squeeze down on his head as she whined against his lips, before going slack. Pulling away from the kiss, the little oni flopped back, only barely managing to maintain her grip as she panted heavily for air.

Had she actually cum, just from kissing and grinding on his bulge? Looking down, Will saw an obvious wet spot on his pants, moisture linking it to the soaked-through fabric of little Amanda’s shorts. Yes, she had. And that thought made him even harder. Logic truly thrown to the wind, he shifted to lay her down on the coffee table, kneeling down in front of her. She raised her head, eyes half-lidded as she looked down as he grasped her shorts, not resisting at all as he pulled them down her slim legs. He found himself pulling a pair of even more soaked panties, just barely smaller than the shorts themselves, down with them, exposing the girl’s tiny red mound, and her drooling little slit along with it.

Grasping her thighs, he lifted and spread her legs, Amanda letting out a shriek of delight as she felt William’s lips kissing her tiny pussy. His tongue lapped at her tight little slit, tasting the moisture soaking her outer folds. He didn’t know why, but it tasted far more delicious than any drink he’d had before. Just when he thought he might make her cum all over again, he felt a powerful grip on his head, before he was tossed back onto the couch.

Groaning with a bit of pain, he watched Amanda slowly raise herself up, sliding off the coffee table to kneel between his legs, “N-No fair…” She muttered, “I-I’m gonna…m-make…you too…” She panted out, shifting to grasp his pants, practically tearing them off. William found himself momentarily stunned with fright at how surprisingly strong even such a young oni as her was. God knows what her mother was capable of.

Such thoughts were quickly banished when he felt the child pressing her face into his crotch, his entire body shuddering with delight as he watched and heard her inhale his scent, burying her nose by his balls. Her small tongue began to lap by his base, tiny lips planting tender kisses along his shaft. He didn’t even notice her blindly reaching back, soon grabbing the bottle of sake. She raised it over his dick, another shudder rippling through him as she poured the fluid over his thick, throbbing meat rod. She wasted no time then, kissing and suckling on the tip, doing her best to take his shaft into her mouth. She couldn’t manage much though, gagging on little more than an inch of his erection.

Reaching out, he gently, encouragingly, petted her head as she lewdly suckled on the tip of his cock, eyes watering as she savored the booze-soaked cock. She arched up, pulling her lips back as she pressed her soft, flat chest to his cock, moaning as she felt the heat press into her, “I-I know they’re not as big as mom’s boobies…but…a-ah…” She panted, bucking her body against his shaft, wrapping her arms around his dick, hugging his cock to her small chest.

The effort if nothing else was enough, and soon he was looking down at Amanda, the little oni sitting back on her feet, tongue stuck out as his hot cum splashed over her face, his thick white milk clinging to the scorching red skin of her adorable little face, her body soaked with sweat and sake both, making her loose top cling to her. The sight kept his erection raging as she began to gather the seed from her face, feeding it into her mouth.

Tonight was not over. Not by a long shot.

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