Weeks in Review 2/23 – 3/8

We have a new artist: Critnuke

Results are out for the MGE Wiki competition. Congratulations to the winners and a thank you for all who participated.

We are hosting an event for a site Mascot

Acethewritefag added A Felony With a Fungus and A Potter’s Pride
Yudayahito added Three Brothers in the Age of Monster Girls: Story Arc 1 Finale and Goodbye to the Cross Part 2
Bobanon added Laska and Me Chapter 20 and Caracal’s Surprise
Carthois added Playtime
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 11
Reasonant Drunk added Tales of The Walker: Immaterium (4)
JAWF added The Mob Goes Wild 1 – 6

KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour

Girl of the week(s) is:

art by Monorus monor.us
art by Monorus

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