Weeks in Review 1/19 – 2/2

KC released a new girl.


ToastChi added Tales of Dragon Regiment Ch.1
ThunderBrother added Falling Leaves Ch 10
TheGrub added The Bridge
Losenis added Necropolis
HummusLord added Hero Dude Chapter Two, Three, and Four
Acethewritefag added Thicker than Blood, Predator and Prey, and Soc’em Moms
BreakawayRepublic added Recluse’s Cove
Bobanon added Vagabonds – Ch 3 alternate path and Knotty Hellhound 4

KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour and is doing Q&As on his site. (I think he still is)

artist unknown
Black sclera are love.

5 thoughts on “Weeks in Review 1/19 – 2/2

  1. I just noticed this, but shoggoth-chan is making that heart out of her own goop, and its adorable.

    I can i,agine them being pretty quiet, makimg huge manga sound effects for themselves out of their own bodies.

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