Bird’s Eye View Quick Update- Artwork, Profile Added

Still working on Chapter 6, but I managed to commission some artwork of Perri Greene the falcon harpy- the narrator’s homestay in Bird’s Eye View.

The pictures are by Tipsypaipai, and I was so pleased with how they came out I thought I’d share them (I did the text of the ‘Perri’s Secrets’ profile, though).

In all likelihood, Akagane the Tanuki lawyer will be next.

Perri playing keep-away with the narrator’s Stetson.
Perri Greene the falcon harpy admiring her new favorite food.
Bonus art- Perri seems upset about something.

3 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View Quick Update- Artwork, Profile Added

  1. ? why do so many bird girs have there pants un done ? i get it makes hm hotter or more sluty but still do thay not kinw how to use a butten? or cant thay ?

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