A quick question for all of you

For those of you who enjoy erotica and smut, what is your preferred narrative perspective?

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2 thoughts on “A quick question for all of you

  1. 1st works well for internal dialogue, so good for sensation.
    2nd’s imperative can be interesting if used creatively.
    3rd’s got the best ability to convey atmosphere.

    So… 1st = 3rd, 2nd? Shitty smut will always be shitty smut, but writing it like a lazy green text doesn’t help either.

    I dunno. It’s a weird poll mang, you could use all three and create good smut, or do it entirely in the second and still get something interesting.

    Choosing a popular format’s not going to make a person’s writing any better or worse.

    The choices you make generally work though Bob.

    1. I agree erotica is only as good as you make it to be, though me and first person are not on the best of terms thank you Twilight -.- I could care less as long as it keeps my attention.

      Most erotica writers recommend first person.

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