Tales of Dragon Regiment Ch.1

“You disobeyed a direct order!” Shouted a middle aged man sitting together with a mass of decorated Order officers in a stand to the right.

“They were toddlers of barely three years!” The young man yelled back.

“They were heathens corrupted by the Demon Lord and traitors to the chief god himself!”

“They could have been brought back here and taught the truth!”

“All heathens are known to be tainted and deserve only death!” The man spat. “The fact that you did not end their lives if proof that you are just as corrupt as your father!” Saying the word “father” with disgust.

“I am nothing like my father you worthless sack of-”

“ENOUGH!” Screamed the man on the podium across from the young man, as he slammed his gavel several times against his stand silencing everyone in the room.