Griffin Meido Ch. 1

Lucina was overjoyed about her new clothes. Her master had decided that she needed some lighter attire for summer, so he had gifted her a pair of hotpants and tanktop. He even had had them custom made so that they had space for Lucina’s wings and tail. She was inside her small and cozy room, admiring herself from the full body mirror on the wall. Sun was shinining in from the window, giving her a spotlight while she was humming upbeat tune.

She was interrupted by the high-pitched ringing of servant bell. Label under the bell told the call came from the garden, with half dozen identical bells with different labels under them around it. A system that master had ordered to be constructed, so that Lucina wouldn’t have to watch over him all the time. While master was sickly and disliked yelling, he could now call Lucina to his aid with just a ring of a bell, no matter the room either of them were.

Jinko Trainer Ch. 1

I have been introduced to heaven. Or hell, I am not sure yet. To think that just a minute ago I was lying in my bed, trying to get sleep. My rest was disturbed however, when Meilin, my Jinko roommate bursted in. She often trains late into the night, so this would have been nothing special, if in her exhausted stupor she would have not tipped into my bed, right on top of me.

Unlike Meilin, I have not gotten out too much myself and would even go as far as to say I am weak, so I have no way of lifting two meters of muscle from top of me. Being trapped under a monstergirl really gives you some time to get acquainted with her body. Despite her muscular build, Meilin does feel very soft on top of me. Her fur, which I had though to be coarse from constant training is actually very smooth and warm. Of course, she had not showered after training, so her sweat is dripping on me, making me sticky. While I do not dare to cop a feel, Meilin’s ample breasts had conveniently fell on my face, letting me get extremely familiar with them. This is not necessarily a good thing, since it makes it hard to breathe for me. The strong smell of her sweat does not certainly help either, even if it is more womanly than bad.