Red Herrings

‘Probably Tentacool or Tentacruel,’ he said lazily.

The kraken paused while licking his nipples and looked up at him, pouting. ‘I’m not cruel! Don’t be mean! I have tentacles, but I would never be cruel with them by putting them up a guy’s —’

The cancer shushed her. ‘It’s just a name, darling. Work on his chest while I clean him up to mess him more, and you can milk his cock again.’

The kraken sighed as she reached two tentacles to Mark’s cock and rubbed it slowly, using the other to tease his balls right in the middle.

‘I choose Bubblebeam,’ teased the cancer as she washed Mark’s head and face with bubbles, turning the stream on his chest and then spraying his pubic area with it, making a foamy coating on it as well as the kraken’s tentacles. Their combined laughter filled the quiet area of the beach, echoing in the distance.

Breast Milking Machine

‘So much for men not having multiple orgasms,’ she said, her eyes flashing. ‘Who’s next?’

She didn’t wait for an answer before walking towards a young man with red hair, who looked extremely boyish. His body was skinny and wiry, not very well developed. She reached out and grabbed his dick, watching it instantly harden in her hands. She started to stroke him, looking around to see the reactions from other men. Some remained limp in fear, others were struggling to reach out and jerk themselves off. She waved an imperious finger at them.

‘Ah-ah,’ she said. ‘No draining those huge, swollen balls of yours yourselves. I’ll be the one to get all you have.’

Bow Down

On request by an Archive of Our Own user. A witch enslaves a human using a powerful foot fetish spell and makes him spy on his own people. His reward for his betrayal is long hours of foot worship and cleaning of her soles. He was too powerful to be made to submit through a…

Big Sucker

‘Mmmm, nice and juicy,’ she whispered, giving it another squeeze. ‘I may have to try this out tonight — um, sometime.’ She looked up at you and gave you a sexy wink. ‘Now, about what you owe me for staring at me — and don’t deny it, or I’ll have to punish you later — I’d like you to meet me tonight at my place for some coffee. Don’t dress up, pretty boy.’

She squeezed your crotch once more and turned around, walking back home. Her ass and hips swayed around in her pants, arresting your attention towards them once more. When she reached the door, she deliberately put on a show of swinging her hips to give her ass more volume like a Victoria’s Secret model. She turned around and looked over her shoulder, giving you a look which would’ve made you spurt your pants if you were a teenager. Her smouldering eyes looked into yours, and that sultry wink came once more. Oh God, you could’ve cum all over the place right then. She jerked her thumb over her shoulder towards your car, then walked inside her house. The door closed slowly, a sexy, suggestive smile on her face the last view you had of her before it vanished.

Lick The Vamp

Before he knew what he was doing, he stood up and walked over to her, pausing before her with his head bowed and his hands clasped in front of him. He couldn’t even raise his head, nor did he want to for some odd reason.

Electra’s grin grew wide enough to light up a town with a blackout. ‘Now take that outfit and put it on.’

He turned around to where she was pointing on the bed, and picked up a frilly maid’s outfit which was on top of all the others. He pulled it over his head, bringing it down to the tops of his thighs and patting them. He picked up a pair of black flats and placed them on the floor, putting his feet in them.

Holding Hands

The rod of steel was stopped inches from Kazumi’s head before it could enter her brain. Kazumi’s paw was locked around the middle of the blade, and she wasn’t even bleeding. The knight landed on her heels in front of the eight-foot tall beauty, struggling to make her sword move an inch. She couldn’t. Kazumi’s grip on the blade tightened, and then she simply twisted her paw around. The blade shattered into pieces, leaving the empty hilt in the knight’s hand.

The knight gaped at the part of her sword in her hand, her face a picture of shock and awe. She then raised her eyes to Kazumi’s face, and screamed in frustration. She swung the useless hilt at Kazumi’s side, but it was intercepted with a powerful paw gripping her wrist. She turned the knight’s arm around, bringing it behind her back, and grabbed her throat with the other paw in a death grip.

Cowgirl Farmhand

The minotaur grinned and turned you around. Her strong fingers started rubbing against your sides, making you laugh and squirm. While the holstaur had been soft and chubby, she felt ripped and muscular. Her biceps were quite noticeable, and you could see clear hints of muscle all over her body, especially in the prominent abs. Her tail was swishing back and forth excitedly. You weren’t sure what she intended, but it was likely up to no good.

‘Oooooooh,’ she said, her hand brushing against your hardening penis. ‘Is that a milking pail in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?’

‘Let me go!’ you gasped.

Healing Wounds

‘I don’t know why this is happening,’ he said quietly. ‘I think both of us are now …’

He trailed off. How were you supposed to say that you had fallen for someone because they tripped your heartstrings? However, Mayumi came to his rescue.

She leaned forwards and kissed him on the lips.

Haruto’s eyes widened as her tongue entered his mouth. He felt her paw reach to the back of his head and grab his hair. Pulling it back, she trailed her tongue over his lips and then buried it into his mouth, finding his tongue and twisting hers around it.

Nine-Tailed Wonder

They sat together next to each other on the set table. After distributing the food into their respective plates, they decided that feeding each other would be more fun than eating normally. They broke off pieces of chicken and omelette and fed it to each other, switching to their fingers when they felt it wasn’t intimate enough. In spite of himself and his usually stern, reserved demeanour, he felt his face relax into a smile whenever she ate a piece of chicken or omelette from his fingers and sucked them clean. The way she closed her eyes while literally eating out of his hands was so cute. He watched her face as she chewed and swallowed the last morsel, his heart melting at the change in pace. From strangers to gropers in no time.

They got up, lifting the dishes from the table and walking to the sink. As he put his in and stepped aside for her to place her own so that they could start scrubbing, she did something else. She placed her plate inside and took his hand. She looked up at him shyly, her eyelids lowered and her mouth forming a shy smile. She sighed, and looked up at him with an obvious effort.