The Lure of Books

This is a short little story set between The Heart of the Land and The Demon Braves, detailing how a certain person from Logendra ended up on Praxis. This story does feature some destruction on a massive scale, underscoring just how dangerous water can be even when managed.

Little Monster Miracle Handbook sidestory: Balase makes 103

Timiddarkspy’s Little Monster Miracle Handbook and -Orphanage is a fun setting for stories. I read them and then thought about doing a guest entry. The 101, 102 and 103 were the result. About time to share them here.

The Dealmaker, a Nerana story

This is a story I wrote for the Nerana setting (created by legendary wordsmith Lucifeller) in 2016. I’ve recently revisited it and would like to present it here for your reading pleasure. In a nutshell: the Covetous Demon Lord of Nerana who lives in his Faultless Vault is requested to bring an end to the reign of terror imposed upon a country by one other of Arch Demon Faust’s victims. You might notice some references to videogame series, but its mostly a story to have fun.

The Demon Braves

While the Renaissance brought hope for a better future, the world of Praxis went through some very dark times indeed before that age began. Some six decades before the Renaissance a group of women was brought together for an experiment by the Demon Kingdom to learn more about the transformation from human to mamonme, but afterwards were instrumental in stopping a malicious plan decades in the making, earning them the title of Demon Braves. Yet their history was nearly lost until efforts were made in the Renaissance to uncover it.

The Heart of the Land

The Heart of the Land was a story I’d written for a contest some years ago. Its a bit hurried in spots, but its dear to me as it introduced Tulpa and Ruanggaksi to the stories set in the Praxis setting. In it, we follow Daegra and her Shroudstar group of ruins chasers on a commission that has more implications than merely assigning noble descent to their contractor.

Childhood Memories: Fragments of another time

Childhood Memories: Fragments of another time is a bit of a difficult story. I won’t pretend its my best, but… I started on it in 2015 shortly after The Beckoning Sky (also on TFT), wanting to expand on Mi-Fi and Natty. And on their time. Iris and her family came along naturally, as did Uzumi and Lael. Also the most popular band of all time. But then writer’s block hit and a pretty bad time in my life did as well. Consequently, a part of the original intent with the story was lost or altered. I finished it last year, but its kind of odd.

In this story (sorry for using just the one post) we follow up on Aosagi Mi-Fi and Natty from The Beckoning Sky as they return to their childhood home, meet new friends and have an adventure that takes them across Praxis and time. I really do hope that you’ll enjoy reading it. Please leave a comment if you do. Or a critique if you don’t.