Stranger In A Stranger City PT.2

     The first thing that I did when I got home was to check my bank accounts. No job meant no money, and no money meant that things were going to get a whole lot harder. Thankfully, the paid leave had left me with a few frugal months of living, and if I played my…

Stranger in a Strange City Pt.1

“I fucking hate this city!” I breathed as I surveyed the spot where my car should have been. I was sure that I had parked in the company owned strip behind the building. Instead of my vehicle, all that I saw was an 8 foot wide patch of wet asphalt bookended by other cars. There was no parking meter and I had made sure to put up the I.D sticker on my windshield. The sun was long gone and the street was lit by a scattered light of flickering lampposts. I cursed and pulled out my phone, intent on checking the bus schedule.