No Arrest for the Wicked 1: Bad Cop

Bouncing between homes, Eli’s done his best to stay away from anything resembling law enforcement, and so far it’s actually worked. Constantly looking over your shoulder, however, is a bit stressing, and at the insistence of one of his co-workers, Eli takes a trip to a state-of-the-art full-immersion VR facility. But it’s not exactly what he was expecting.

With These Wings I Soar – Chapter 1

Adaklies is stuck in a rut two years following the grand uproar caused by The Dragon Mother and her husband. Adaklies has been branded a criminal. The guard nips at her heels and bounty hunters seek her out. A man by the name of Jonas, however, has come to her with a shocking proposition: kill the lilim responsible for the war.

Rserenity Author Update: Touched by Angels survey and next projects

Hey! This is rserenity, also known as rs or rsanon. Blogs usually aren’t my thing, given I don’t have a much of a following, but today’s a little different. I’m very sporadic with story postings and wanted to say where I’m going next as well as share the results so far from the survey I…