Wight Snow III – Nobility

Freed from a future of slavery, the veil of deception has been pulled from Erys Wynthae’s eyes. Brought to terms with the extent of her betrayal, Erys must make a choice and come to terms with the consequences of both her own actions and what has been done to her. As the night draws on, the once noble Lady may yet lose her mind to it. Through her invitation, ownership of Lord Larson Moore’s estate has changed hands unto a power beyond mortal reckoning that now bears her leash. With its once residents rounded up and caged as specimens for the lich Eliza and her ghoulish companions’ needs, the unliving host is free to establish its foothold within the sleeping coastal city.

Wight Snow II – Welcome

For the coastal city of Mairport, more politics, power and money trade hands behind closed doors than the unwitting common folk may ever know. Travelling as an Ambassador of the sovereign’s inland nation, Lady Erys Wynthae stands at the heart of such matters, yet powers beyond her are already at play. Played for a pawn in the schemes of others with but one escape, Lady Wynthae will welcome the mere beginning of events that see the city brought to its knees in vengeance.

Now published in ebook formats as part of the Wight Snow series.

Wight Snow I – Humanity

For the coastal city of Meirport, some days are the coming and going of business as usual for the people, while others are the coming of a maddening contagion and dread fog that warps the landscape into a decrepit playground of ghoulish desire for the flesh under ethereal hands that cast the creeping snow. For those who remain, it’s time to run, hide, or face the haunting music.

Now published in ebook formats as part of the Wight Snow series.