The Life of a Human Ch. 1

I groaned as I was suddenly awoken by a bell of an alarm clock.

I blindly trash around – my face still submerged in my pillow, attempting to blind myself against the streaking beams of sunlight peeking through my window. After a good while, my body finally subdues to my mind and I sit upright. Today is my first day as a transferred student at my new school; Prodigium Academy. As enthusiastic and ecstatic as I am, I feel an overwhelming wave of sorrow and anxiety. In my old school, I was to put it bluntly; a delinquent.

I managed to get myself into fights every other day, even  resulting in people getting seriously injured. And seeing as I had no friends, the higher-ups decided it was a good choice to transfer me to a monster/human split school instead of the humanoid specific schools  I was used to. And as alarm clock to my side ticks, I can’t help but think of all the mischief I’ve caused, all the flaws I’ve adapted.

Despite my uncertainty about this new school and their  monster/human split policy, hopefully I can isolate myself and dwell  in the background, far away from any drama. The last thing i’d want is another dreadful experience, as I’ve got plenty of those already.

Mia decided she would pin me to the ground and straddle my hips.The loud cheering only encouraged her more, as she softly ran a single protruding claw on my cheek. I was trying my hardest to struggle to get free, but she was having none of it. I could feel her hot breath reach my neck as she hovered over me.  

She smiled as she softly lowered her chest closer to my face, hugging my face with her extended wrapped arms and breasts. Her skin was very warm to the touch, making me break into a light sweat.