Metal, Magic, and Monsters Chapter 5

And the Chief Goddess declared that “thou shall not covet.” Unfortunately, we as monsters are stuck at this tenant. We covet the green fields. We covet the markets. We covet the temples, even. It is within the nature of us monsters to covet, and peace and coexistence remains out of our reach while we do so.

—Divine Reverence Traitorous

Metal, Magic, and Monsters Chapter 4

Fire. Fire and brimstone. That nobody was killed was no solace to us as the flames licked and burned deep into our souls. All we could do was scream for a mercy that was gleefully denied to us. Death would have been preferable to the cattle that were made of man that day.

—Anonymous witness on Druella’s sack of a now unnamed city

Metal, Magic, and Monsters Chapter 3

Know that for men to lie with monsters is an Abomination and a Heresy of the highest degree. To likewise live in the same district as the great Whores and cooperate with monsters is also a lesser Heresy. A city that brags of its great “tolerance” with monsters is blasphemous and only a mirage perpetuated by the enemy of mankind.

—Divine Reverence Gomorrah the Warlike