Eyepop’s Classic Ephemera

A somewhat random collection of old greentexts, writings, and fragments from my time on /a/’s classic MonsterGirl thread.
It’s all been copy pasted as is, so enjoy savaging my early writings.
Enjoy the nostalgia, and remember, Moth-chan is girl of the week, every week.

The Three Strings of Shame

-A quick 2 hour’s work, this might stay a one shot or I might add more. I wanted to try and write a horror story, not something I’ve ever done before.-

A man returns to his ancestral home and inherits an instrument, and finds its his soul that get’s played with instead.

“No, I’m done. I can’t finish this.” – Snowdrake’s “NOPE.jpg” moment trying to read this story.

The Paymaster

A hard-boiled private dick gets unceremoniously cremated on a LA road. But instead of hell, wakes up in his shitty flat with a Valkyrie ordering him to balance St Peter’s books… And maybe have revenge on the tanuki who fried him in the first place.

This story was written in a single sitting. I basically wanted to write some goofy noir story, and didn’t quite manage.