Weeks in Review 9/27 – 10/11

Raudhri added A New World Ch 4 Jexx added Panty Raiders Ch 5, Ch 6 Lightningflare added Alone with a Cheshire Cat Beardicus added Hathor’s Lust Kitsoviet added Liver Snaps 2 PhaseSevenEternum added Sweet Rose Losenis added All’s Fair in Love and War 2 Aishafan added Spirit Energy Clinic (again) KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on…

Week(s) in Review 09/13 – 09/27

Jexx added Panty Raiders Chapter Two, Three and Four Losenis added All’s Fair in Love and War Ch 1 ManyEyedHydra added Tar Pillow Cushionblob Fizzshire added The Dragon and the New Toy KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour KukuRuyo also now has a Patreon comic called Monster Girls on Hentai Details Here Girl of the…

Week(s) in Review 8/30 – 9/13

JohanLitvisk added Wildhunt rickyspanish added Barrett Mousykins added Guardian Angel, Raiju Roommate, The Vampire’s Butler Aftyn added Liquid Gold MonsterGirlExaminer added Monsterfest 2016 Lightningflare added Princess for a Day Part 1 Kitsoviet added Fluff and Loving in Las Vegas Eyepop added Gargoyle MamonoMore added How Temirburg Had Fallen Countdown added The Pillory, The Women Ch…

Week(s) in Review 08/16 – 08/30

Sukiru Ikeda added Wight Night Stalker BreakawayRepublic added Bachelorsville, Texas Chapter Two and Three ochiverde1 added Dullahan Soccerball OTAKUevangelist added Road of Corruption Aftyn added The Portrait of a Griffon Captain Kitsoviet added Liver Snaps AshenM added A Lonely Knight –  Part 1 TheGrub added The Archivist’s Apprentice- Madness Lightningflare added Royal Date: The Follow…

Week(s) in Review 08/02 – 08/16

ManyEyedHydra added Red Lipped Succubus and Freshwater Cnidarian-Girl Losenis added Don’t Doubt Druella Astrumratio added Mari’s Journey Ch 1 ochiverde1 added It Was All…, Caramel Sweet, Don’t Forget to Lock The Door, and Red Oni Greentext BreakawayRepublic added Bachelorsville, Texas Chapter 1 and Bachelorsville, Texas Introductions Lightningflare added Royal Date and Wright Scales Jexx added…

Week in Review 7/26 – 8/2

Astrumratio added Almost ChristmasMamonoMore added Inquisitorial Questioning: Old Merchant ManAcethewritefag added Just a Little ShyCarthois added Hellhound Family PicnicBreakawayRepublic added Crying Wolf Chapter 4, and Chapter 5ochiverde1 added Akaname Greentext, The Story/The Beginning, and Adventure Based on a Mindflayer Story Scenario KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour Girl of the Week is:

Week in Review 7/19 – 7/26

bobanon added An Eggscelent TimeBeardicus added The Best Day of My LifeMamanoMore added A Manwhores Life Intro and Story OneAftyn added Haohi’s FirstLightningflare added Tyler Emond’s Brick of DeathAceTheWritefag added Dirty Little HellhoundFizzshire added Fizzhire Chronicles 1Blake81 added Adrift Chapter 7 and Rascally Hearts KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour Girl of the Week is

Week(s) in Review 7/5 – 7/19

Kitsoviet added Cat Scratch Fever, and Uncharted Islands 1 – 3Monstergirlexaminer added Sinbad Ch 1 – 17(21)Acethewritefag added Dirty Little HellhoundBlake81 added Adrift – Ch 7, Rascally HeartsFizzshire added Chronicles Episode: 1LDR added Wight Snow IIIKlaus Schultz added 7.62 x 54mmRMamanamore added Let There be LightRSerenity added Attentive Care Girl of the Week:]

Week in Review 6/28 – 7/5

Yudayahito added Three Brothers V2 Ch3Fizz added Fizzshire Chronicles: 0Carthois added Hellhound Family VacationJohanLitvisk added The Great Devourer 1Lightningflare added Maw: Submariners and The KrakenBeardicus added Teacher’s PetEins added The Fall of LescatiteAida added After Hours KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour Girl of the Week is:

Week(s) In Review 6/14 – 6/28

MamonoMore added Skylar and Fiona – Part 1 and Part 2Dan added State of MindYudayahito added Three Brothers V2 Ch 2Raudhri added A New World One, Two, ThreeAcethewritefag added Code Wight: Tertiary ReferralMonsterGirlExaminer uploaded 1001 Starry Nights, The Seven Voyages of Sinbad ch 1-12Aida added After Hours KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour Girl of…