Christmas Eve Secret

Just a short little smut story for the holiday fever. Note that while it’s on Incest tag, there’s only the daughter watching her parents go at it while masturbating and not participating. Enjoy.

The shouting of “Papa’s home!” was the first alert Mina had to her father’s arrival.

Standing in the kitchen with her mother the young elf had been helping the woman set out dinner for the family. Usually they didn’t have it this late, but her father had an evening inspection before shutting down for the holidays. This had left the youngest of the household more spirited than normal from the hunger.

“Go make sure she isn’t mauling him Mina.” Mina’s mother winked at her. She was wearing a sweater and jeans, with her blond hair draping over the front in a scrunchie. Her eyes shined with the same mischief she could find in her little sister, but Mina knew her mother could keep herself in control. Sometimes.

Mina smiled at the older elf’s request. “Yes mom.” Setting the bowl of salad in her hands on the table, Mina walked towards the hall leading to the door while rubbing her hands off on her little pink apron.