A New God: Chapter 3; Human

Shortest one of the three chapters out. This one less words than many papers I’ve written. I feel it ends on a relatively good spot. …………………………. A minotaur was the first to challenge the man only seconds following the disrespect he showed the Lilim. Even for a minotaur she was particularly big. She had to…

A New God-Chapter 2: Awakenings

Velthas develops a self awareness that had long been absent in him.
The same kind of self awareness you could find in a magpie.
The procession of mamono arrive, and don’t really expect what they find. But they aren’t discouraged. At least at first.
The mage is still a man and growing more like one by the minute.

A New God- Chapter 1: World-Quake

A new power awakens. One which none would think possible. One that threatens the fragile balance of the world with its very existence let alone its’ actions.
A thing that was once a man before it gave itself up to the mindless pursuit of power, starts to remember its’ humanity.
A thing it thought it buried to more fully give itself to its’ endless pursuit