Mershark and Tritonia at the Coral Market

Far from the mountains of the Vale and the bustling seaport of Clemens is a far off coastal village. It is home to the popular Coral Market, the destination for oceanfaring monster girls, their families, landwalkers, and the merchants both above and below the water. Such a popular venue has drawn in monsters from even the distant deep ocean like Klara the Mershark and Geneve the Tritonia.

This story flashes out some concepts from other, earlier parts of the Vale’s story like a bit of the world’s history and what it means to become more monster like. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you to Winrarphile and Yanon for helping with this.

Fox Spa

“Oh, did you hear?” Raza asked from under her bundle of extra expansive, extra plush winter coat and earmuffs. “A Mythfolk family took over the Rosé spa. They open in a few weeks. What’s it called now-?”

“The Pamper Me?” Youko warily answered. Raza clapped her paws together.

“Yeah! That’s it. Oh I’d love to go, but I don’t have a free weekend again for like, a while. At least until after Stephen’s birthday in February.” Raza was at her red Civic ready to step in. Lola was still half celebrating as she glided into the driver’s side of her Toyota van.

“I think my Aunt’s family owns it. I got a weird email this morning, but uh, she wanted me to invite some friends to try it out early. If you, uh, want.”

Both of Youko’s coworkers ran back to her side in an instant.

Holly, Mint, and Visgali

A luckless Nightgaunt drowns her misery at the bar of her friend Holly who has an interesting proposal.

“What’s my soul like then?”

“Eh, like an Ogress. Big, full of… hard stuff. Pulpy.” Visgali’s abyssal eyes were mesmerizing, but the comparison stung the bartender’s own pride. “You’re a stiff drink, but I need a- a-,” the nightgaunt’s eyelids lulled over as she drifted off to sleep mid-sentence.

Good Vibes

My first non-contest entry set in the Vale setting.

Clay rubbed his aching head as he tried to stand, but the fall down the pit rattled his senses something fierce. His bruised arms and battered legs were unsteady and weak as he struggled to loosen his backpack from his person. It was a great and painful effort to brace himself against the pit’s wall under the late afternoon daylight. He needed to take stock. “How long was I out?”

Rat Trap

Another contest entry, this time from Halloween. Rika, Pina, and Neen are three Rat Girls striking out on their own when they come upon an abandoned mansion in the mountains surrounding the Vale. A different setting than my previous stories, this fantasy world has been affected by a great Change 100 years ago. The stories of this setting focus on the Vale, its mysteries, and the different inhabitants who live there.