Return of the Goddess

A possible multi-part story about a gang of adventuring women (Featuring a lamia, cupid, and vampire, though this particular segment focuses upon the cupid) and one member’s discovery of a dormant goddess (A land-dragon, or big wurm with a pair of surprises) who does not remain dormant for long after their encounter.

From Another Place

It came to my attention that this had never been uploaded to TFT. This is the first thing I ever wrote that wasn’t a CYOA from back in the day. How much have I improved over the years? Guess you can be the judge of that. Honestly, it’s not going to be good (but then, is anything I’ve done?) so I won’t be surprised if no one finishes it.

That said, a story about war and monstergirls (the original title, but I felt I had to whip up a new one quick) and what is basically an invasion from another world. At least it’s a short novel. Here’s a link to a PDF: