Alone in a Tent

“What is it that you do?” She elaborated, chuckling softly to herself at some slight joke, “When you’re not being dragged into the desert by an annoyed Princess in a rush.” She could joke at her own expense? That was a surprise. Even to her, perhaps.

“I’m a scribe’s assistant.” He told her, “I spend my days running about the archives, sorting, copying, running errands, occasionally a trip to another town or city.” He explained to her.

“Ah, so you’re the assistant scribe…” She mused, nodding her head a tiny bit.

“What does that mean?”

“Well, I may not have memorized your names, but I did pick each of you for a particular reason.” She began to elaborate upon what she’d said, “As I told you, I was to help construct a new palace. A new city around it even. I’d need different people to fill certain roles to get things started.”

“Including a scribe’s assistant?”

“Including a scribe’s assistant.” She repeated with a chuckle. Or perhaps, more of a giggle? That could’ve been his imagination though, “I would’ve needed someone to help me sort through and draft plans and such.” She further elaborated.