Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 22)

“First night, think he’ll be okay?” Fubuki asked.

“He’ll be just fine, now then, any updates on our Wonderland problem?” Katy asked.

“Our ambassadors have arranged a meeting, we’re just waiting on you” Fubuki said.

“Right, well let’s get to it, the better we can understand each other, the faster we can help the little ones” Katy said.

Inari Kitsune’s Cooking Classroom

“See that you do, Monsieur Poirier, as I do not wish to see you go the way of your predecessor.” She answered off handedly.
“My Predecessor?” I inquired.
“Hai!” she returned, and then leaned over to whisper into my ear, “Food Poisoning.” She said in the quietest of whispers. I gasped involuntarily.
“He is still on Emergency Matrimonial Leave,” she continued, “and I expect him to remain in that status, until such time as his wife feels that he can be trusted out of her sight.”