One Night at the Jade Dragon

Contest entry: After losing his life savings gambling at the Jade Dragon, a man receives an unusual proposition from the casino’s foxy proprietress that sets off a chain of life-changing events.

The Shirohebi and the Hunter: Chapter 4- Sister of the Bride

The actual wedding ceremony between Shimo and her fiancée Hiro took place in a shrine in the center of town and was limited to the immediate family of the bride and groom, but the guests would accompany Hiro, Shimo, Yuki, Lady Husui and Hiro’s parents to a spacious banquet hall that abutted a creek within easy walking distance from the shrine.
Shimo emerged from the temple in a red kimono and a red hood while Hiro was wearing immaculately polished ceremonial armored gauntlets and shoulder pads over a formal guard uniform as the gathered guests began applauding and throwing confetti and streamers. Yuki was next to her sister in a dark grey off-the-shoulder kimono top and pleated dress. She leaned in and said something to Shimo before her reserved and aloof big sister threw her arms around Yuki, giving her a big hug and beaming ear-to-ear. Lady Hisui then said something to the two of them before the bride and the Ryu embraced, making their way to the banquet hall. After scanning the crowd for a moment, Yuki spotted me and waved before began making her way over.

On the day of her sister’s wedding, the timid lamia appeared much more confident, assured and animated. I was pretty sure I made a number of the males in attendance jealous as Yukihebi made her way up to me before she reached out and clasped my hands.