Blind Faith

Her mood grayer than the storm clouds above her, she walks with no destination. Her home is destroyed, and her once-prosperous village is long gone. She has no hope, until a gesture of kindness from a stranger sparks something within her…

A Mongolian Wedding for a Centaur Wife

YOU are Argat, son of Kuchar, First Jagun Commander in Kundek Noyan’s minghaan . You are also engaged to Chelu, daughter of Cirina and a fine mare among centaurs. Today is your wedding day, which means that you have to put up with all sorts of honor rituals that universally involve putting you down while testing your character. It’s tiresome and rather stressful, but at the end of the day, you and Chelu marry, and, at night, retire to your new ger in intimate privacy.

Home Improver Stories: Regina’s Garden

When one of Regina’s associates is threatened, what steps will our noble Alraune take to keep him safe?

The Ties That Bind: Castaway

A lost viking in a land of monstrous women finds himself a captive of slavers. What is their intent? Where are they bound? And what fate do his gods have in store for him adrift from the world of his birth?