Chaotic Harem Series: Demon vs. Dark Valkyrie First Act

Jacob and his battalion may have been successful but the revelation of who orchestrated his intervention made the victory a hollow one. Tensions are running high in the ranks amongst his men causing fear and paranoia. Meanwhile Sigrdrífa is still coming to terms with her impending corruption when she is visited by an unwanted guest. And while all of this is going on, Evelyn enacts the next part of her plan.

Chaotic Harem Series Interlude: 20 Years Later

Just a not so short prelude chapter acting as an interquel to Valkyrie vs. Demon and its sequel. The now veteran Hero Jacob is tasked by the Order to lead an army to retake a town that was captured by a monster force and transformed into a Demon Realm. Just another day in the life of a Hero of the Holy Order of The Chief God.

Chaotic Harem Series: Valkyrie vs. Demon

For the past 16 years of his life Jacob was content with his normal mediocre life. His parents were doing well, he was set to inherent the family business and he was friends with the pretty lady who lives alone in a mansion on the hill. Then it all came crashing down when a pretty young Angel asked him “do you believe in destiny?”

The Shirohebi and the Hunter: Chapter 5- Usury and Lust

“She did WHAT!?” I blurted out, my hand belatedly flying out to cover my mouth after I realized how loud I was. Conduct unbecoming of a guest at the Ryu’s temple.

Lady Hisui was genuinely amused, cupping her fingers to her chin as she demurely giggled.

“Shimo congratulated Yuki before she left….” the Ryu said, before sipping her cup of tea. “Granted she scolded Yuki for trying to duck out of the wedding party early, but I heard it with my own ears, young man. I don’t know what you said to Shimo, but I think you managed to make an impression with her.”

It had been a few days since Yuki slipped me that note at the wedding reception, and I hadn’t seen her since, even though the Ryu requested I come over to help chop some firewood. The thing with Lady Hisui is that I wasn’t sure if that was a pretext to get Yuki and I to spend more time together or if she really needed firewood chopped.

It turned out she actually needed firewood to be chopped. According to Lady Hisui,