New Life

A girl goes to market and gets more then she bargained for.

“Hey mister. I have never seen you round here before. Welcome to Zellia city of the mountains.”

“Glad to be here. I hope you are enjoying my stall. If you’re looking for clothes, why don’t you try on one of these hats?” He said pointing to some round flat, musty smelling hats. They will feel so good that you never want to take it off.”

I gave a little laugh “Those funny things? No way. I would rather be dead then wear one of those. Actually I had come to do food shopping for the week.”

“Then you’re in luck. I happen to have supplies of rare food from all over the world.” That he did. While most merchants seem to stick with a theme his stall was more varied than most. There were jars of a particular pink juice, blocks of strange smelling cheeses, chocolate with a slimy jelly filling, and more weird and colorful fruits then I have ever seen before.
“If you are looking for something special why don’t you try this jelly? Once you taste it, it can totally change your world.”