Birds of Prey

A UNN fleet on routine patrol near the outskirts of Coalition space encounters a previously uncontacted civilization, but while the aliens seem friendly, the Betelgeusian hive fleet that’s sizing up their homeworld is not. Undersupplied and months from the nearest reinforcements, the fleet must coordinate with the locals in order to organize a last-ditch defense of the planet.

Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 11: The Little Things

Sammy woke up in Nica’s arms, ready to begin the day in the nicest way possible. A nice, soapy shower with her girlfriend.
After a quick nap, they went shopping together while Sammy’s mind raced with hundreds of unanswered questions.
Maybe some of them would be answered with a nice, candle light dinner?

Friendly Competition

James is new to the Pinwheel, and the first place he finds himself is the bar, where he meets a friendly Borealan named Datz. As he gets to know the rowdy alien, they’re interrupted by her acquaintance, a Polar Borealan named Railha who seems intent on showing Datz up. James soon finds himself moderating a drinking competition between the two rival species.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 8

Stanley and Ezraphel were now a happily married and very sexually active couple. For Ezraphel all is well with the world yet Stanley could not help but feel they were limiting themselves as a couple. Ezraphel felt the same way despite being happier she had ever been. Coming to an agreement, Stanley and Ezraphel embark on a mission to carry out one of the most important quests of their short romantic lives.

They must…plan their first date.

Undead and Tailpussy Chronicles

The ghoul moved your head downwards. ‘Well, since you like my body so much, why don’t you explore what you tried to touch and were too embarrassed to?’

Your skin flushed a deep red. So she noticed. You brought your tongue down to those ripped six-packs, and began tonguing them like sweet candy. She wasn’t sweaty or dirty at all, fortunately, so you could enjoy the taste of each and every crevice and nook in her stomach. You licked along her belly button, pausing there to give it a few light kisses, and started making your way down to her wet pussy. You gave her slit a long, feathery-light lick, moaning at how good she tasted. She had a scent of honey and the taste of warm milk, despite it being quite cool from magic. She pulled your head as you were about to dive into that cunt. You let out a frustrated moan of longing, itching to drive your tongue deep into her folds and make her scream like you felt you would soon. She grinned, shook her head and wagged a finger at you like you were some naughty kid.

‘Naughty, naughty,’ she giggled. ‘Bad boys who dream of human women get retrained. And I’m about to do it.’

‘I was thinking of you, only you for now,’ you gasped.