Sandstorm in Sinai – Final Chapter

I should note here: This is not the original final chapter that I wrote a couple months ago. That one was sort of rubbish, so I wrote this one especially for TFT, since I imagine a lot of you really like a “happy” ending.

“She understood the look in my eyes. She cupped her cheek in one hand, giving me another adorable giggle.
“If that’s what you want, my love. I’ll keep you forever.”

Sandstorm in Sinai – Chapter 2

This chapter’s a bit light on the MG references.

“I was greeted with a mouthful of sand and howling winds. A sandstorm was occupying my position, and I could hardly see more than ten feet in front of me. Still, there was nothing for it, I pulled myself out of the hatch, and tumbled the eight feet or so to the ground. My ankle screamed in pain, and it was all I could do to bite down on my tongue and stifle a curse, in case any of our monster assailants were still in the area.”

Sandstorm in Sinai – Chapter 1

First part of the first MG story I ever wrote.

“Shortly after, the sandworm swallowed the tank whole. I heard somewhere that the crew actually resurfaced several days later. They were found stark naked, without a tank, and the missing driver was declared a POW. How the hell does a sandworm claim a prisoner?”

Eyepop’s Classic Ephemera

A somewhat random collection of old greentexts, writings, and fragments from my time on /a/’s classic MonsterGirl thread.
It’s all been copy pasted as is, so enjoy savaging my early writings.
Enjoy the nostalgia, and remember, Moth-chan is girl of the week, every week.