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The Home Improver Store 2: Improve Harder…

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The Home Improver Store

Being a human working at a hardware store that now catered more towards mamono is rough, being the only human woman that was also a manager that worked at a hardware store that now catered towards mamono is a stone cold bitch. What will Angel, the only human woman manager, do when the Lilim CEO, Druella finds out she’s secretly in love with her prized employee, Anon, during a store walk?


 Authors Note: Hello and thank you for reading. This is my first attempt at writing MGE stories as well as smut. I've edited enough to where I feel comfortable presenting this to the community and I hope you enjoy. Any comments and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please note that the characters, places, names, and situations are entirely fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Angel sighed as she pulled up into the parking lot of her work.  The Home Improver Store, probably one of the most unimaginative names for a big box hardware store there is, she thought grumpily. But then again it was owned by a Lilim so if it didn’t involve sex then it wasn’t worth putting too much thought into it anyway.

 It was once a more recognizable orange colored big box hardware store but rumor had it during a business party, the Lilim Druella because intrigued about the concept of a bunch of sweaty, muscular construction worker types all heading to the same store. Meeting with the owner of the company she managed to ‘convince’ him to sell 10 stores for her to put a personal touch to. After the party it was said he was dazedly mumbling something about the best blow job of his entire life. It was also said the next day his wife filed for a divorce…

The now purple hardware store loomed before her… Purple beams, purple work aprons, purple everything… God she hated purple. 

 Being a human working at a hardware store that now catered more towards mamono was rough, being the only human woman that was also a manager that worked at a hardware store that now catered towards mamono was a stone cold bitch. She was constantly challenged by monster girls who thought they knew better than her or looked down at her just because she was a human woman. 

Her fellow assistant managers and even store manager were all mamono. The merchandise manager was a Minotaur, Mikaela - a decent hardworking girl that Angel actually liked and considered her a friend. The operations manager was a lazy, dumb as shit Holstarus named Krystal that Angel despised with all her being. Angel usually had to clean up her messes along having to deal with the fact that the cow spent 8 of her 12 hour shift in the office milking herself. The store manager was a Tanuki named Rayla who didn’t really give a shit about anything as long as the store made money.  

Despite all this Angel still pushed on, she was head strong, refusing to believe that she couldn’t make it in a Mamono world. 

Walking into the store on her way to the manager’s office she was greeted by many of the stores employees; Alexia the Amazon department head for Tool Rental, Stephanie the Kobold Head Cashier, even the usually grumpy Hellhound lumber associate, Girlie, offered her a smile. 

Dropping her purse into the office she found Ralya biting her fingernails in terror.
“Angel!!!" She screamed. “Druella is on her way to walk our store!”

At times like that, in situations such as that, Angel learned the only appropriate response to that kind of news.


Cutting a path through the store, walking at a gait that would make a centaur proud, Angel screamed orders at the associates. 

“Pick up that trash! Get that pallet of shit back up in the over head! Why is that bathtub in the middle of the god damn fucking aisle?!” 

 Walking by the plumbing department she noticed Danny, a fellow human and department head for Plumbing, juggling PVC fittings in the aisle. Due to Danny being a clown, an actual god damn professional circus clown, she would have normally ignored it, except today.

“Clown! Stop that shit and get the department cleaned up! Druella is on her way.”  Dropping the fittings, she had a semi satisfied feeling as he turned pale without the benefit of his clown make up.  

“Who the hell is yelling at my husband?!” Called out Danny’s wife, Susan who ran Milworks and who, also, just happened to be a Salamander.

“Druella’s on her way to walk the store, Flamethrower. If your department's not perfect when she comes, I promise you’ll be stuck in the outside garden section every time the local Ryu decides to have it rain…” Angel threatened. 

Turning a similar shade as her husband, the Salamander made an about face and bee lined it back towards her department. Shaking her head, Angel thought; How could a god damn clown somehow defeat a Salamander warrior in order for her to fall in love him? Maybe he just hit her with a pie or his balls? Wait, no bad image, never mind...

“Where’s the nails?”