Waking up late for school one morning, you leave your home in a rush, already thinking that your day couldn’t possibly get much worse. But once you take a shortcut down a rural road, you quickly find out how wrong you are.

The Night Visitor

Howdy everybody, I just wanted to swing by and post this short little story since I didn’t really manage to write anything for Halloween last year. So without further adieu, here’s this, another short little experiment in present tense writing from a 2nd person perspective. I hope you like it. (Happy Halloween!) It’s deep in…

Yeti vs. Grizzly: The Hug Champ

Lisa grabs you out of Mary’s arms and wraps her furry paws around you. They feel warm and soft, too, just like the rest of her. You look up at her, and she smiles, tweaking her own nipples while you watch. You moan a little on feeling her bare pussy rubbing against your underwear-covered penis. She’s already wet for some reason, and her juices have spread across your tent. You gasp and rub yourself against her, wanting relief. She giggles and moves her paws to the small of your back, massaging it gently. You feel a pair of fluffy paws take hold of the waistband of your briefs, and tug down, exposing your hard cock and bare ass for both of them to see. You wriggle around in Lisa’s arms, trying to cover your modesty with your hands, but it’s quite impossible to get out of her strong grip. Mary takes the briefs off your ankles and coos as she rubs your bottom with the fluff on her paw.

‘So nice and firm,’ she whispers, giving it a soft smack. It echoes around the room as she drops your underwear and starts massaging your bum with both paws. It feels like several feathers moving across your bum, relieving and caressing the cheeks oh so lovingly. You stifle a loud moan as she begins rubbing the sides of your posterior, then moving on to your hips. She keeps her paws around that area, squeezing and massaging your backside and cleft, as well as fondling your sides and the backs of her thighs. It doesn’t take long for you to sprout a boner which is repeatedly hitting Lisa’s navel each time Mary’s paws slide across your butt.

Ushi-Oni vs Minotaur: The Gladiators

The minotaur struggles and tries to kick with her hooves, but she’s being pinned down very tightly by the ushi’s arachnid portion. She spits out some mud and tries to slam her head backwards into ushi’s jaw, but the ushi’s bulging 30″ biceps are enough to stop a sword coming at her. She throws her head backwards to minimise the impact and strains against the minotaur’s head and explosive neck muscles, finally gaining the upper hand and slamming her face back into the dirt.

Two minutes later, mino-chan looks like she took a bath in chocolate ready to be licked off. Very dirty chocolate. The ushi is about to slam her whole body into the mud for the nth time, when the minotaur taps out by slapping her muddly hand against ushi’s forearm. The ushi-oni drops her challenger and lets out a victory roar as the whole stadium erupts around her.

You jump up and down in the bleachers, cheering madly for ushi-chan. This one is particularly cute, and you’re looking forward to saying hi to her and then waiting for the next match. Maybe they’ll have a red and blue oni next, where the blue oni wins due to her superior skill, or an ogre versus an amazoness. The amazoness slipping and sliding in mud as she uses the broad hilt of her sword to smack the ogre’s ass would be really hot. Or a jinko.

Love Conquers All Succubi

‘You’re safe,’ I whisper, and tackle her with a warm hug. ‘You’re safe – after all those times at the bar when you defended me from thieves, bullies, thugs, and that Order motherfucker who tried to stab me on excuse of consorting with monsters just because I was talking to you, I thought I’d lost you.’

The succubus smiles and pats my head, pressing my face in a rather uncomfortable place, right between her huge knockers. ‘Is that a confession? I didn’t know you liked me that much.’

I blush and look up at her. ‘I didn’t mean you to find out this way, Hitomi -‘

Hitomi he succubus scoops me up in her arms and holds me off the ground with surprising strength for her size and appearance. She looks like a flexible pole dancer, but not much else. She hugs me close and kisses the top of my head, her fingers stroking through my hair and then gripping it tightly to pull my head back. She takes hold of my chin and turns my face around to her, level with her own, and leans forward to give me a gentle kiss on the mouth. It doesn’t take long for it to become hot and heavy, her tongue pushing into my mouth and exploring the roof of my mouth.

Satyros Wants Your Alcohol

The one thing in common was that their dicks always seemed to grow six inches or more in length. Some of the monster girls who were larger or taller would get their men to grow sixteen or twenty inches, maybe more, and still scream for more length each time they had sex. It was in a way understandable, these monster girls felt like giantesses to humans, being seven or eight feet tall, so you could guess their needs were larger and harder than normal human girls. They were quite intimidating as well. That amazoness who hit on you last week was really aggressive and even sexist, claiming you shouldn’t be out that late and than men belonged in the kitchen and home, while their women protected them and brought game to the house. She was seven foot of pure muscular beauty, you couldn’t deny that. Her face was mature and hinted at plenty of oral expertise, especially in dirty talk. She looked a bit like your friend’s mum whom your cock always swelled up for. She was so mature, sultry, and sexy, you always had your hands crossed in front of your trouser furniture whenever she’d ask you about how things were at school. Your stuttering response and constant glances at her breasts gave the game away. Afterwards, she’d constantly find excuses to be close to you with her breasts brushing against your arm, or bending over in front of you to pick up the laundry in a tiny little nightrobe without any panties. That night is quite clear in your memory since you caught a flash of her puffy pussy and a hint of that large, mature ass which was curvier than an ox-bow lake, or hairpin. It was one of the sexiest sights you’d ever seen. You masturbated for nights afterward at the thought of having your mouth and tongue on her sexy butt, or smelling the scent of that older woman pussy with your head tucked inside her dressing gown. Feeling her large ass grinding on your face and that experienced pussy mashing into your face, leaving its scent all over your nose, your tongue lapping away softly at those musky, odorous muff while she trembles above you and strokes your cock with those soft hands, giving the tip and shaft motherly caresses as she coos to you about not cumming too soon – those fantasies were explicit enough to make a whore blush, and kept you hard for hours at a time. It was awkward to even walk to school for several days.

Jinko Heats Up The Beach!

‘Huhuhuhuhu. I’ll take you in ways no woman would’ve taken you, and no one ever will. I can sniff out your virgin scent, little boy.’

An even more fiery blush rising to your face, you close your eyes as she spins you around and tugs off her sopping panties.

Her fluids have leaked out so copiously that they’ve stained the seat and front of her panties, and are still sticking to them. She peels them off slowly, wet strands of arousal leaving her pussy as if they’re afraid to be removed. Even as she drops them on the ground and squats over your painfully hard erection, her fluffy paws caressing the sides, sticky strands still connect her quim to them.