A sticky gal in a sticky mess.

Always fascinated with the world of art, I poured my passions towards drawing, which eventually turned into graphic design. Though after graduating college, the jobs that were in great abundance were ironically eroge games, well as long as they involved Monster Girls that is.

Yes, Monster Girls have been a part of Modern society for quite a while now. Popularizing their appeal to the general masses via eroge games seemed to be a popular approach, so that’s the direction my life eventually led to. Drawing lewd Monster girl pictures for people to fap to.

Diamond in the Dark

Byron is a farmer in a small village without much hope of a future. He dreams of marrying the beautiful barmaid, Hilda, but sadly has no romantic or social skills. However, he is given hope by a travelling merchant’s wife, who gives him a mysterious map to the fabled flower “The Diamond in the Dark.”

The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 12


Have you been enjoying your stay so far? I hope so.

These? Oh they’re treats from the fifth floor. Would you like some? They’re rather addicting so do pace yourself. I blame the Alraune Nectar that’s in it. OH! No no no! You don’t have to worry about it like that! They take out that part of it and make it similar to a simple, but better tasting, honey which they then use to make these snacks. These are the ‘virgin’ treats. They do make some of their treats using nothing but the extracted portion from the Alraune Nectar, but those are much more obvious and come with warnings to make sure you don’t accidentally eat one when you didn’t mean to.

If you’re really curious about how they make these, you could visit the facility up on the fifth floor. I believe they give tours of the place every now and then… Well, even if they don’t I would recommend going up there regardless, it’s a very relaxing spot to be in. Oh? You plan to go there right now? Wonderful! Please go right on ahead. Oh, and take some snacks with you, please! If they stay here I’ll end up eating all of them.

And again, thank you for staying at the Covet Corner Hotel.