Touched by Angels 5: A Tale of Two Archangels

“We appreciate your interest in the position, but we’ve decided to go with another candidate at this time. Thank you.” Damien scowled at the email. Another rejection. He buried his head in his hands amidst a grumble. He knew when he started applying for a job he’d see more than one of these emails, but…

Touched by Angels 4: Between a Rock and a Soft Place

It was an angel so tall she may have even had a couple inches of Anima. From atop the her towering stature, she watched them enter the room. Just as distinctive as her height, however, was the second pair of arms clasped behind her back. “Damien, this is Adrianne. She’s an archangel of Intrinsicality and she has a few questions for you.”

Touched by Angels 3: Beleness Mercy Hospital

Andrew was a fine young lad, Grace decided. In the peak of his twenties, confident, sociable, and without a worry in the world. His eyes practically sparkled when he spoke and his laugh was full and genuine. He would’ve been in perfect health, too, except for the construction accident that had taken half a leg…

Touched by Angels 2: Heavenly House Call

What terrible timing. Who on earth was at the door? He almost never had visitors and he wasn’t expecting any packages. Some door-to-door salesman? A discontented neighbor? His breath caught and he stumbled back: the reality of the situation was far, far worse. The visitor was Doctor Grace.

Touched by Angels 1: Angel’s Grace

Feathers. A wealth of them made up broad, reaching wings sprawled across his vision. Attached to them was a body, glowing with the warmth of the summer sun. Soft cheeks and eyes so blue they glowed. An angel? He panicked, the first thought running through his head screaming: “Oh my god, she drugged me!”

Small Town Blues Ch. 4

*Click-shhhhhhh…* The not-quite-cold-enough beer can hisses in protest at being opened too early and half-heartedly spits out a blob of foam that threatens to run over its edge and onto the table before I catch it. Slurping through the foamy head at the top of the can I eventually hit liquid beer and then keep…