Mors Funebris Finale, Part 8 of 8

“My fiancée!” Alonzo explained. “Horus was right! At first, she was pissed enough to rip me a new one” He began to explain, then paused.
“And now?” Mara prompted after a couple more seconds.
“I swear to God, she’s trying to fuck my dick off!” Alonzo answered.

Bite Marks (Ch. 3)

Milo spoke, “Stop acting like you’re the fucking, the fucking….” he gestured listlessly for a moment, then brought his hands together with purpose. “The fucking arbiter! Of what Mom wants, okay? I can take care of my own shit.” 

“What shit would that be?” She decided to remind him. “Wolf shit?”

Monster Wars: Revenge of the Humans

Humanity has endured the madness of those who call themselves gods for long enough. It is time that they activated their fully operation battlestation, time that they use their doomsday weapon to secure humanity’s future – and by extension, the world’s.