The Great Anuby-Chan Detective

I can see my sweet little baby girl on her momma’s lap, fixing me with those big beautiful auburn eyes as she absently is sucking on an oversized paw-digit.

“Is that what’s going on, Pumpkin princess?” I ask her sweetly as I stride across the room, stooping to give her a little kiss on the forehead.

However, instead of standing up right away, I playfully cock my ear as though I’m listening to something my baby daughter has to say.

“Oh? Really? Well….I’ll ask her, but…..”

“What?” Sakaali asks defensively.

“She says ‘Mama’s full of crap’….damn shame, her first words, too.”

The bigger Anubis playfully smacks me with her paw by way of response.

“She also says ‘You’re too old to geek out to some kid’s show’ and….oh yeah- ‘Stop hitting daddy’.”

“I…it’s not just a kid’s show.” she stammers defensively.

“If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and….well….goes ‘quack quack’.”

“I grew up with this show, Graham.”

I shoot her a skeptical look.

“Really? How old were you when it came out…?”

She looks away from me before quietly murmuring.