Marlow the Romanticist (Chapter 2)

Arriving at Ryugujo, Marlow is left in awe at the sights around her. With her goal set, she continues on her quest to find her destined man, eventually meeting Jason. With the two conversing with one another, she finds herself smitten with the man, ignorant of the current position he was in.

Meanwhile, Detra is still on her way to Ryugujo, chasing after her friend out of fear for her safety. Unfortunately, her feelings of unease would soon prove to be true…

Wizardquest 3 Part 11: Under the Sea

You’ve made it to Filliothia and your path seems to clear to the Sea Queen. Only trouble is, your way in happens to have made her angry. With Baha on the metaphorical couch, you have some time to kill the the underwater city, though it seems your vacation will be short lived, as always.

Love as pure as water

People generally avoid introducing themselves to their romantic partners via plane crash, but this story is an exception. A lonely pilot and an uncertain sea bishop save each other, and start to find more to love with every passing day.

A Whisper of Dusk, Chapter 4 – Sex & Violins

I was about to say something more, when we heard a knocking upon her door, it knocked but once and nothing more. She seemed surprised, then went to see what lay in store. I chose to remain in her boudoir, for my clothing lay in tatters upon the floor, my nudity would be something no Mamono would ignore.

Maritime Logbook on the HMS Kraken

‘How do you speak under the water, then?’ you asked.

The mermaid took a coconut shell of water on the deck, one among the spare you kept. She raised it to her lips, and dipped her mouth in it. Bubbles rose to the surface, and a sweet, musical note rose from each one as it pops.

‘Our main method of communication is actually singing,’ she explained. ‘So even for short conversations, we compose a song and let it fly.’

You chuckled. Sounded like a strange way of communicating.

‘Oh, come on,’ the mermaid said as she saw you grinning. ‘It’s not like we do it for every little thing, even a one-line request, but it’s as normal to us as a humans tendency to chatter.’

‘Fair enough,’ you responded, perhaps a bit disbelievingly.