Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 5

Blue haze rolled out from the crowded smoking shelter in its pursuit to pollute the brisk night air. Granted, there were only two people in what appeared to be an old, repurposed bus shelter still scarred with badly spelt graffiti, but Danielle and Chasity could take up a fair bit of room if they set their mind to it. Both suffered the unenviable ability to inadvertently repel people, like sharks swimming through a school of fish. Handy when walking down the street, but a pain in the arse when you wished to socialise.  

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 4

Watching Chasity during her drunken antics always reminded Danielle of being at the zoo. An animal trying to crack open a coconut to get at the sweet flesh inside when the only tool at her disposal was an evolutionary predisposition for brute force, and an inability to think her way around an obstacle that didn’t include a larger rock. 

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 3

The thrill of the hunt surged through Chasity’s veins like wildfire to the pounding rhythm of her tribal heartbeat. A volatile cocktail of endorphins and lust engorged her cock into a throbbing rager that verged on painful. A remarkably pleasurable torture, sending a shiver through her body as denim rubbed against her bulge.  

Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 1

The Kobold propped herself against the bar in a brilliantly crafty and discreet attempt to not appear tipsy, managing to fool nobody but herself. There was also the mistaken belief that she was only tipsy, defiantly flying in the face of her glaringly obvious drunken sway and ponderous deliberation to her actions. She allowed a sly smile to caress her lips. That’s what made her plan so devious. Like a fox! 


My face had contorted into a sneer of disgust as I peered into the depths of the laundry basket. Lurking at the bottom with all the innocence of a grinning alligator was a pair of Chasity’s boxers. Her splodgy, crusty, cum stained boxers. With a sigh of the inevitable, I reached in and extracted the offending garment, pinched between my thumb and forefinger. Holding them up to the light only made matters worse. By the looks of it, a considerable cornucopia of slugs had decided to host an Acid House Rave, utilising the crotch area as their dance floor…

Oops all Manticores – Results!

I’m only what, 9 days delayed for this? 10? Between one judge falling off the face of the world, Christmas fuckery and working through holidays in food service I’m amazed we got this finished this year honestly. That said, I had a great time reading all the submissions for this competition. Onto the judging! The…