Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 9

With the ‘Honeymoon’ phase of their newly intimate relationship, where they spend most of their time getting it on like horny rabbits, coming to an end Stanley and Ezraphel are faced with the monumental task of actually being a couple. Monumental in that this involves doing stuff regular couples do and the first thing on the list happens to be, going on a date.

Bird’s Eye View: Chapter 5- Friday Night Flights

“You naughty little trash panda.” I tease. “Why would you think our chaperone is just gonna let us walk out of here?”

“Anta-wa…… Tanuki desu.” the canine lawyer growled in Japanese, which I found endearing for some reason. “Anyways- I’m way ahead of you, Buckaroo.”

“Way ahead of me…how?”

Instead of answering my question right away, she looks around to see if Zombina is paying attention.

She’s not- her attention is directed at the field for now. Apparently she’s digging the band’s performance much more than either one of us.

Akagane begins rummaging through her purse and pulls out a copy of the Llano County Argus-Prospector before giving it a cursory look. She then pulls a leaf from her considerable cleavage and with a small puff of smoke, the newspaper changed into something else.

A comic book. The art style looked like some sort of manga and the cover art…..

Crying Wolf- Chapter 3: A Whole New Wolf

Although I tried to hide it from Talia, I was seething after we got back from our walk and encounter with the two cops. There weren’t any other werewolves in the neighborhood, so it’s not as though someone called the cops on Talia in a case of mistaken identity. Sure Talia looked a little unkempt,…

Stranger In A Stranger City PT.2

     The first thing that I did when I got home was to check my bank accounts. No job meant no money, and no money meant that things were going to get a whole lot harder. Thankfully, the paid leave had left me with a few frugal months of living, and if I played my…