The Pilgrimage: Temet Nosce (5)

Through the Veil of Death itself you had travelled, finally free of the spirits of the Umbral and Celestial Angels so rudely bound to your Soul by your parents’ monstrosity. In your convalescence, more of your past was rudely thrust to light, and you discovered your own Noble heritage, and the intimidating possibility of claiming it from ‘undeserving’ hands.

True to your oaths, you had continued your pilgrimage, once again crossing paths with the Cheshire Amaranth, Daughter of Lord Baron Alexander, Grail Knight and Founder of the Black Knights of Corvus and Mistress Kylie, Handmaiden of Hell’s Throne.

Yet it was not the guidance of these towering figures you sought, but that of one yet more titanic. Lord Samuel, the Caladonian, Disciple of Corvus and Last of the Resonants. For only he knew the true identity of your Dark Mage father, who you were sworn to stop, at any cost…


A cartographer sets out on a mission of discovery, mapping a strange, foreign continent full of exotic beasts and mysterious natives at the behest of his employer. The further he heads Westward, the more bizarre his journey gets, the very land itself somehow twisted and blighted. Despite the danger, he is compelled to press on by a plea for help from a stranger who believes that he may be her people’s only hope of salvation.

The Pilgrimage: Hosannas in Extremis (4)

From Vampires to Atlach Nacha, Baphomet and Witches, your travels since rescuing the Countess Maris and seeing her Consigliere Marcus returned to health have been anything but uneventful. The Sabbath seek a new home beyond the restrictive governance of the Four Empires, a task which you were singularly unequipped to assist with.

Driven forward by the Mysterious Song, you and Doyle, an itinerant Bard and one of the few naturally born sons of Human and Mamono parentage, left Albany, hoping to complete her seemingly unknowable story. All the while in the back of your mind, you feared the mumblings of the Witch Tina, who had forseen your death at the hands of yet another song… The Secret Song at the Centre of the World, whose sound was as of teeth in flesh.

Wormhole Ch.11 (Updated)

As Jason explores through Wonderland he finds more than just Skarliks. An enthusiastic guide, hyjinks, shenanigans, battles, chases, messes, trouble, nudity, orgies, tea parties, and more. What else is there to say? It’s Wonderland.

The Pilgrimage: Novo Ecclesia (1)

(Another CYOA from /monster/, posted for posterity and because it encompasses a lot of the backstory for some critical characters in upcoming stories)

You are Deniel the Holdsward, Acolyte of the Caladonian Temple of Reitia. After demonstrating your magical aptitude and completing your noviate under the tutelage of the Time-Spanned Disciple-Mages and the Hive-Queen Priestesses known as Mellisarae, you have been sent on a ritual mendicant pilgrimage. Designed to improve your magical abilities through humble service, you prepare yourself to step out into the wider world, not knowing where you will end up, but trusting that Reitia, Goddess of Love and Protector of Families will guide you on that path.

Wormhole Ch.10 (Updated)

Now face to face with the mamano that took his prized armor, Jason will have to pull all the stops to get his armor back. But surely a smart ass with an acid tongue and a selfish, haughty Dragon can calmly work things out peacefully, right? Strap in, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. For both of them…

Goetic Justice 2

Ryan’s idyllic life is shattered when a shadowy organization that seeks to control the spread of summoning in the world attempts to have him killed.