Karika The Troubled

With a crappy degree and shitty luck, I find myself at a loss for words at the situation I found myself in. A school for the mentally challenged Mamono, I ended up teaching the worse group of degenerate, classless women of the now non fictitious world of Monster girls!

TMRC (Troubled Mamono Reformation Class) Is an institute that hosts a variety of Mamono of all races with the sole purpose of reforming them to behave responsibly in the world of the human dominated planet Earth. Little did I know this opportunity would change how I saw these “Savages” For better or worse.

Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc : Chapter 17

First Chapter : Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc : Chapter 1 Previous Chapter : Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc : Chapter 16 Chapter 17 : Early Afternoon “See how important this can be?” said Anton as he held out the soiled cotton ball “With your darker skin tone it isn’t always going to…

The Pilgrimage: Temet Nosce (5)

Through the Veil of Death itself you had travelled, finally free of the spirits of the Umbral and Celestial Angels so rudely bound to your Soul by your parents’ monstrosity. In your convalescence, more of your past was rudely thrust to light, and you discovered your own Noble heritage, and the intimidating possibility of claiming it from ‘undeserving’ hands.

True to your oaths, you had continued your pilgrimage, once again crossing paths with the Cheshire Amaranth, Daughter of Lord Baron Alexander, Grail Knight and Founder of the Black Knights of Corvus and Mistress Kylie, Handmaiden of Hell’s Throne.

Yet it was not the guidance of these towering figures you sought, but that of one yet more titanic. Lord Samuel, the Caladonian, Disciple of Corvus and Last of the Resonants. For only he knew the true identity of your Dark Mage father, who you were sworn to stop, at any cost…