Mors Funebris Finale, Epilogue

“I bid you welcome to the Earth, Druella. I trust your accommodations meet with your approval?” Mara asked sweetly, her smile tight.
“They most certainly do not!” Druella shot back. “I demand something larger!” she stated testily.

Mors Funebris Finale, Part 1 of 8

“I cannot, nor will I ever condemn you for allowing yourself to be bound eternally to Mara.” He said approvingly.
“In fact, it is my fervent wish that you and Mara will continue happily with your relationship for a long time to come.” He finished.
“Then why were you condemning her just now?” Juanita asked

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 2.5

Takes place between chapters 2 and 3.

Just three days in and Stanley was already regretting his decision to house Ezraphel. You know things are bad when he has to keep a pistol on him at all times. Something had to be done before things escalated unfortunately while he was doing research a series of events occurred forcing him to acknowledge the biggest elephant in the room.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 8

Stanley and Ezraphel were now a happily married and very sexually active couple. For Ezraphel all is well with the world yet Stanley could not help but feel they were limiting themselves as a couple. Ezraphel felt the same way despite being happier she had ever been. Coming to an agreement, Stanley and Ezraphel embark on a mission to carry out one of the most important quests of their short romantic lives.

They must…plan their first date.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 7

After a weeks of a dry spell Ezraphel has finally completed it, her masterpiece, one of the greatest if not THE greatest spells in all of Mamono history. And now with this she can finally, FINALLY cross that threshold with Stanley and make all her wet dreams comes true.

Or how Ezraphel used weird magic on Stanley who has to cope with these new instincts and feelings on top of all the other stuff…

…And the sex, let’s not forget about that.

My Amazoness from Pellucidar 5 of 6

I stopped what I was doing. And looked up. The world had gone silent.
There she was. I beheld my Dullahan standing just a few feet away. She was out of reach of my arms, but I wasn’t out of reach of her Big-Black-Scythe.
I saw many details in that moment. How sharp her scythe was. How dispassionately my Dullahan stared back at me. The way her long silken black-hair flowed in the breeze that wasn’t there.
She was a bit of cutie, in her own gothic way. She kind of resembled my Samantha. But that negligee of hers that barely covered her cleavage? Samantha would’ve never worn something so scandalous.