Yukishiro, and the one that protects from the shadows. Chapter 3

Making herself known to Kyoka and Nikito, Kuronetsu emerges. An alter-ego/personification of her repressed instincts taking form, Kuronetsu makes her agression towards Kyoka and Nikito well known with her murderous intent.

As the past of the ladies are explained, they remember a time when a interloping Demoness enrouched their home, setting off a chain of events that led to the details of how Kuronetsu came to be as well as her reasons for hating her family become clear.

While Zeick only had the best intentions for his family, his actions ironically led to an unhealthy, warped sense of view of what love really means…

(Artwork by F.LEE ART)

The White Snake

Lily is unemployed and living off her big brother Timothy’s dime. Feeling guilty over her leeching, she reaches out to a friend, Sayoko, who reveals you can make quite a bit of money off your shed skin, blood, and venom… too bad Lily doesn’t have any of those. That is, not until she willingly undergoes monsterization. As Lily’s changes continue, her hidden desires are unable to be repressed any longer. Much to her brother’s horror.

The chick and the egg

Author’s words: Ok, so I finally decided to break my long hiatus.

After a few really annoying RL things happened I lost my groove and every time I tried to get it back I ended up in stupid thought loops. Things like thinking up a scenario, get a flood of inspiration, think it will be to long/not coherent/something equally stupid, end up not writing anything.
So, I decided to try something different with this.

I simply took a base setup and from there wrote whatever came to mind as I went. This is written paragraph by paragraph as I felt the story should naturally progress (just a little editing to fix up spelling errors etc).

Please let me know what you think.
Sincerely, Astrumratio.

Dark Elf

Schoolgirls Aren’t All That Submissive

You were chained to a carriage’s walls and brought here into this school you had never heard of. You wandered the halls alone until you found some lost souls like yourself. After making a few friends with them and the higher graders, you heard the horrifying tales of what happened to the students here. They were all broken like beasts and turned into the personal slaves of different dark elves. You had no intention of ending up like that, so you schemed to escape. You set up the hidden cameras before the party they planned to give, and you attached them to recording devices. That way you would have proof of whatever the fuck was going on. You didn’t know whom it would help, but it was better to have proof than have others say you were making tall claims.

You glanced at camera number 87. There was a tall dark elf who went by Mistress Lola walking out of the room on it. She was rumoured to be the smartest, most sadistic, and the Domme of Dommes in the school. No one could cross her or cheek her, even in a fun way, at all. You and the rest of the school was scared shitless of her. She had a way of turning the tables of anyone who even thought of using her for sharpening their repartee. Her tongue was several times more vicious than a comedian’s, and her wit was hard to match even if you were a dragon. No one had gotten away with even trying to trick her.

Yeti vs. Grizzly: The Hug Champ

Lisa grabs you out of Mary’s arms and wraps her furry paws around you. They feel warm and soft, too, just like the rest of her. You look up at her, and she smiles, tweaking her own nipples while you watch. You moan a little on feeling her bare pussy rubbing against your underwear-covered penis. She’s already wet for some reason, and her juices have spread across your tent. You gasp and rub yourself against her, wanting relief. She giggles and moves her paws to the small of your back, massaging it gently. You feel a pair of fluffy paws take hold of the waistband of your briefs, and tug down, exposing your hard cock and bare ass for both of them to see. You wriggle around in Lisa’s arms, trying to cover your modesty with your hands, but it’s quite impossible to get out of her strong grip. Mary takes the briefs off your ankles and coos as she rubs your bottom with the fluff on her paw.

‘So nice and firm,’ she whispers, giving it a soft smack. It echoes around the room as she drops your underwear and starts massaging your bum with both paws. It feels like several feathers moving across your bum, relieving and caressing the cheeks oh so lovingly. You stifle a loud moan as she begins rubbing the sides of your posterior, then moving on to your hips. She keeps her paws around that area, squeezing and massaging your backside and cleft, as well as fondling your sides and the backs of her thighs. It doesn’t take long for you to sprout a boner which is repeatedly hitting Lisa’s navel each time Mary’s paws slide across your butt.

Christmas Eve Secret

Just a short little smut story for the holiday fever. Note that while it’s on Incest tag, there’s only the daughter watching her parents go at it while masturbating and not participating. Enjoy.

The shouting of “Papa’s home!” was the first alert Mina had to her father’s arrival.

Standing in the kitchen with her mother the young elf had been helping the woman set out dinner for the family. Usually they didn’t have it this late, but her father had an evening inspection before shutting down for the holidays. This had left the youngest of the household more spirited than normal from the hunger.

“Go make sure she isn’t mauling him Mina.” Mina’s mother winked at her. She was wearing a sweater and jeans, with her blond hair draping over the front in a scrunchie. Her eyes shined with the same mischief she could find in her little sister, but Mina knew her mother could keep herself in control. Sometimes.

Mina smiled at the older elf’s request. “Yes mom.” Setting the bowl of salad in her hands on the table, Mina walked towards the hall leading to the door while rubbing her hands off on her little pink apron.