Monsters Are Better Part 1

“Mom, Dad, Jeremy, I would like you to meet my girlfriend. This is Gretchen.”  My younger brother, Matthew said while gesturing to an uninterested human girl. Mom and Dad were of course delighted by this, but if anything I was concerned about his safety. Nowadays, dating is hell. Nearly all of the interaction between potential partners is online. Most Women either have sky-high expectations, distribute pornographic images of themselves across the internet, or both. 

There are laws in just about every human country that are anti-male. For example, there are laws that state when a woman accuses a man of a crime such as rape, the man will be punished for the crime even without evidence. I thank whatever deity out there that a bachelor’s tax doesn’t exist yet. This stuff is why I’ve just about given up on dating. 

Angus MacScottishname, Highlander

You are Angus MacScottishname, Highlander, hero of awful romance novels, fap material for housewives, and something about this next story isn’t quite right.

This is a shitpost dedicated to my mother’s bookshelf full of godawful “Vulnerable hardworking woman who doesn’t know what love is gets seduced by a rugged mysterious man who never wears a shirt” novels.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 7

After a weeks of a dry spell Ezraphel has finally completed it, her masterpiece, one of the greatest if not THE greatest spells in all of Mamono history. And now with this she can finally, FINALLY cross that threshold with Stanley and make all her wet dreams comes true.

Or how Ezraphel used weird magic on Stanley who has to cope with these new instincts and feelings on top of all the other stuff…

…And the sex, let’s not forget about that.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 4

It’s been almost a month since Ezraphel has moved in and after stalling for weeks Stanley has to make the most important decision fo his life so far. He will have to search deep inside himself and face the kind of man he is and discover the kind of man he wants to be going forward.

Luckily he has the Best Girl by his side and maybe it’s about time he started treating her as such.