Monster Girls 2020: Monster Date 2-Puppy Love

Alex is a fit young man with his life together, so why doesn’t he feel happy? Because he hasn’t found love, and lately it seems everyone else has. He has resisted the new trend of monster girl dating out of stubbornness, but lately he’s began to waver. Roxanne, a Cu Sith who’s dealt with bullying her entire time in America, has recently graduated high-school, and has found herself utterly alone. Desperate, she uses the Monster Date app to see if it can actually help.

Bite Marks (Chapter 1)

But it wasn’t the wolf he had thought he saw. The bags under this monster’s eyes accentuated it’s piercing gaze, the tireless face of a hungry beast. No smirk, only a cracked grin that split across its face like perfectly measured blades. He saw his face trapped in the thing’s eyes, pale and trembling, encircled by the cold flames of its pupils.

Under Foreign Skies

(Another ‘Monster Girl School Adventures’ Offering from 8chan /monster/. HAVE YOU SPOTTED ALL THE NODS TO THE PAX YET? :^) )

John Walden, an economic refugee from the United States of America is taken in by his Australian uncle. Ostensibly occupied by some unknown military project, the task of looking after him falls to his cousin Kyle, a foul mouthed police officer. Taking the final year of High school is bad enough, worse when there are Mamono everywhere, but doing it with AUSTRALIAN Mamono? He’s in for an interesting year.

Australian in a Strange Land

(This is something I whipped up for a “Monster Girl School Stories” thread on 8chan /monster/ a while back. Turned out well enough that I thought it worth adding here.)

David McDavidson is in a bastard of a situation. Ripped away from his Australian home after his father’s department closed, he has to learn to come to terms with living in the monster-filled country of Zipangu, as well as the presence of his father’s new wife. Along the way he’ll learn about life, love, sadness and HOLY SHIT YES IT’S ESSENTIALLY A SEINEN ANIME RIP-OFF. Just have a read.