Elena & I – The Collar

“Guess you’re starting to get into it huh con-” I stopped her by putting my finger to her lips, then I leaned in close, face to face, as her eyes grew a little wider.

“Did I say puppy could speak?” her eyes wide in disbelief, ears perked up stiff, and her cheeks rosy red and tail wagging furiously.

Elena & I – Sleeping In

“Buongiorno amore mio, have a good night sleep?” she hummed as she climbed over me, her chest in my face, “H-had a dream about you” I told her, my face barely sticking out from her cleavage and partially covered by her chest fluff. She lowered her head, “Were you running?” she grinned, “I bet I was chasing you wasn’t I? My sweet little coniglio”

A pest issue

Furious steps stormed through the manor’s backyard, a path slithering across a few other buildings. Light steps rushed on, those of a few rat girls with far too few things in their hands, chased by an enraged kikimora holding a broom ready to impale. The demeanor of the rats betrayed the development of the situation,…

A Crescent Date Before Christmas

Disclaimer: This is not one of my best pieces of writing and in hindsight is a bit cringe. I wanted to try something a bit different with the Christmas format while also including some references to my other works, but the end result isn’t up to my usual level of quality. For many people Christmas…